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Toys7 Smartphone Alternatives To The iPhone

7 Smartphone Alternatives To The iPhone

7 Smartphone Alternatives To The iPhone
By Deirdre Heavey
July 28, 2018
Because there are many ways to define the best phone for you

The iPhone is essentially the Starbucks of coffee-it’s basic and universal. Just like Starbucks, you can expect the iPhone to be the most popular phone just about wherever you go. But that mean it’s necessarily the best? Debatable. While it may seem convenient to purchase an iPhone, iPhones tend to be considerably more expensive than other equally or better quality smartphones. Think about it. What would life be without your favorite tea or coffee from your go-to stall or cafe? Why would you pay for a generic cup of tea or coffee at Starbucks when you could spend half the price on a cup of tea that is going to meet your specific preferences? 

For those of you looking to jump into the world of smartphones for the first time, digital natives who want to upgrade to the best new phone on the market or anyone who happens to be somewhere in between, we are here to help. Try not to be discouraged by the infinite number of phones to choose from and don’t fall back onto the iPhone quite just yet. Here are the top 7 smartphone alternatives to the iPhone to help you handle your next upgrade like a pro.


If you are looking for the most expensive phone on the market, it's Vertu Signature Touch. Priced at 420,000 baht, the Vertu is the ultimate status symbol for smartphones. Besides price, what really sets Vertu Signature Touch aside from any other smartphone is Signature Touch’s Concierge service. With the Vertu Signature Touch, you can essentially ask the concierge service for anything reasonable and legal, and a real-life person will make it happen for you. Whether you’re looking to book a reservation for dinner at a fully-booked restaurant or want to catch a flight to Hong Kong in the morning, the concierge will handle everything. So if you have nearly half a million baht to drop on a smartphone, then the Vertu Signature Touch is absolutely for you.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the techie reviewed “best” smartphone of 2018. Marked just under 30,000 baht, the Galaxy is considerably cheaper and noticeably better quality than the iPhone. The phone has one of the best cameras on the market, augmented reality emoji features, face recognition, multiple design options, live translation services, Samsung screen sharing, stereo speakers and many other top-notch features. No other smartphone on the market features amenities quite like the Galaxy S9’s revolutionary ideas. 


For the smartphone with the best pictures on the market, the Huawei P20 Pro is the option for you. With three different cameras on the back, you can zoom in and maintain quality, unlike any other smartphone. Priced at around 28,000 baht, this is another phone that is very reasonably priced for its performance against the iPhone.  Besides its hailed pro-level camera, the Huawei P20 Pro features an eye-catching glass, a manageable size, waterproof technology up to 30 minutes, extremely speedy transitions and face-recognition, making it an all around top choice smartphone.


If you’re looking for a smartphone that isn’t flashy and gets the job done, the LG G7 ThinQ is the perfect fit for you. The G7 has expanded its screen from the G6 without making it seem bigger to the hand. With 64GB of storage, a solid camera and a boombox speaker, the LG G7 ThinQ provides consumers with everything they need in a phone at high quality and without the unnecessary jazz. This phone also ranks in on the less expensive side at just under 25,000 baht, making it a great option for anyone not looking to break the bank with their next phone purchase.


For a smartphone with style and grace, the Google Pixel combines design and productivity for the overall experience. Google has absolutely nailed the user experience and interface design. This phone is perfect for anyone who values quality in their smartphone while maintaining innovative style. The main reason this smartphone is purchased is for its exceptional performance. Besides certain perks like Google Assistant and Google Photos, the Pixel 2 has a full-day battery life, exceptional speed and a camera that is too good to be true.


If you’re looking for the flashiest and most colorful phone on the market, the Honor 10 is your best bet. The new Aurora design recreates the Northern Lights with phantom blue and phantom green colors right onto the back of the phone screen. With a professional camera, impressive localization skills and a supercharger, the Honor 10 has pretty much everything you need to get by as far as smartphones go. The Honor 10 serves as the ultimate accessory for the summer and is sure to draw eyes. Priced at the lowest of the list at up to 15,000 baht, the Honor 10 is the smartphone of choice for anyone looking for a stylish new smartphone that takes the perfect selfie.


Last but not least, the One Plus 6 is known for its impeccable speed. Hate waiting for YouTube videos and Line texts to open? This smartphone is certainly worth considering. With multi-tasking capabilities, you can do more at a faster rate with this smartphone. One of the benefits of this super speedy smartphone is the capture time for photos. You’ll never miss that perfect moment waiting for your thumb click to process through your touch screen again. The One Plus also includes a wide variety of options for designs so that you can put your own personal spin on your smartphone. With water-repellant capabilities and a great headphone match, the One Plus 6 is a solid option to consider with a budget of up to 20,000 baht.

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