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Wellness Through The Eyes Of A Sailor: 4 Benefits Of Sailing

Through The Eyes Of A Sailor: 4 Benefits Of Sailing

Through The Eyes Of A Sailor: 4 Benefits Of Sailing
By Thurein Tun Oo
By Thurein Tun Oo
May 18, 2019
Thailand Tatler's resident sailor gives insight into the water sport

Embarking on a journey at sea can be an arduous task, especially when you are competing in a race for glory. But when the stakes aren’t high and you’ve got no competition, the sport can be extremely rewarding and beneficial to your health. Although considered an extreme sport, sailing has often been used as an escape for those with busy schedules and stressed-out minds, or just a means to get a fresh breath of air. While indulging in the ecstasy of sailing, here are some of its other benefits:

1/4 Increased Immune System

Exposure to challenging weather for at least three to four hours daily can significantly improve your immune system. This is because your body will recalibrate itself to be able to withstand erratic climates, building a new and stronger defence mechanism. In that sense, unpredictable weather is a friend of the sailor. From soaking up more than enough vitamin D one minute to getting showered in rain and salt the next, sailors become harder to take down than the average person when it comes to getting sick.

2/4 Decision-Making & Other Mental Skills

Sailing isn’t just steering the boat to where you want to go; it’s also pre-empting the challenges you may face during the journey. To excel on the sea, you have to be able to understand and read the environment around you. Making split-second decisions becomes second-nature and will help increase your mental capacity and thought process on land. Sailing also requires a lot of concentration and mindfulness. So if you find that you are often distracted from tasks, sailing might be the therapy you need to instil efficiency in your life. 

3/4 Organisational Skills

Being organised is useful everywhere and believe it or not, sailing is a place where you can hone this skill. It's inherent to follow procedures and keep things neat and orderly, or "shipshape", in order for the boat to function systematically and without error. Have an organisation problem at work or at home? Sailing will make you unable to live in mess and disarray. 

4/4 Escapism & Relaxation

Sailing is just relaxing, period. The sun rays hitting your skin on a nice afternoon in the bay, birds flying past, fishes dancing in the water beneath you—these are just some of the natural therapeutics sensations that can be experienced when you're out in the water in a swiftly moving boat. For some people, a hobby like sailing can be their only time in a week to be alone and away from the noise of urban life. Tune out of the world and literally escape out to sea. 

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