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Arts Culture The World’s Sexiest Accent In 2020?

The World’s Sexiest Accent In 2020?

The World’s Sexiest Accent In 2020?
By Chananya De Ruiter
December 05, 2020
Sorry France, but according to a global study carried out by Time Out in over 30 countries, the world is officially infatuated with the iconic British accent

Alas, the French accent has lost its title as the world’s sexiest accent. According to the 2020 Time Out Index, which asked more than 37,000 people in upwards of 30 countries which accent they found sexiest, the British accent took the crown as the world’s hottest accent with 25 per cent of the votes, mostly from the USA, India, Sweden and China. The French accent came in second place at 16 per cent with fans from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and Australia.

Interestingly, the French, however, favor the Italian accent, which came in at third with a close 15 per cent, triumphing in Spain and Portugal as well. Spanish and Irish accents rounded out the top five, followed by Australian and American. There was one country in the world who voted for their own accent as being the sexiest, and that was Thailand. 

And if Europe is your cup of tea, then you might want to hear this: Time Out also asked for a specific place that has the sexiest accent of all. People most responded countries like London, Madrid, Porto, Rome, Paris and Edinburgh. 

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