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Arts Culture 5 Galleries To See Tonight For Bangkok Galleries' Night

5 Galleries To See Tonight For Bangkok Galleries' Night

5 Galleries To See Tonight For Bangkok Galleries' Night
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
February 02, 2019
Don't know where to start for Galleries' Night tonight? We've got you covered


The much anticipated Galleries’ Night returned last night and continues on today. With such limited time to see everything, we've curated tonight's best galleries and exhibitions to save your time and you from anxiety. 

Here's your Tatler Galleries' Night agenda: 

RMA StudioRMA.jpg

Show: Open Studio
Why see it? Piyatat Hemmatat, the founder of RMA Studio who is also an acclaimed multimedia artist, is showcasing four series of his works all in one place: EDEN part 1 (2018), EDEN part 2 (2018), Landscape (2015), 3rd Eye: The New Dawn (2013).

Galleries' Night Hours: 6-11pm

Nova Contemporarynova+.jpg


Why see it? Jedsada Tangtrakulwong incorporates the factor of daily weather into his architectural  installation, offering audeinces the uncertainty of what will be seen any given day. 

GN Hours: 5-8pm

Jim Thompson House Museumjim thompson+.jpg

Show: Film Screening: (Yuthana Und Siripon Monch Auf Zeit)

Why see it? Yuthana and Siripon are a young Thai couple experiencing the influence of Western popular culture—a theme which never seems to grow irrelevant, especially with Thai youth.

GN Time: 7:30pm, 8:30pm.

CASE Space Revolutioncase+.jpg

Show: Broken Blossoms

Why see it? Broken Blossoms is artist Maki Ishii's first solo exhibition in Asia outside of Japan. The exhibition focuses on change, life and the feeling of loss through sculpture, drawing, video and sound.

GN Hours: 6pm onwards.

 GOJA Gallery CafeGOJA+.jpg

Show: This Is Female (Romanticizing Femininity)

Why see it? Sandy Chichat conveys through portraits and still life the experience and emotions of women in romantic relationships from a female standpoint.
GN Hours: 7pm-midnight

To make your gallery hopping adventure much more fun and convenient, dedicated tuk-tuks are at your disposal at designated routes. For more information, download the official Galleries’ Night app, available for IOS and Android, or visit

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