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WellnessBest Places To Get A Cat Or Dog In Bangkok

Best Places To Get A Cat Or Dog In Bangkok

Best Places To Get A Cat Or Dog In Bangkok
By Mika Apichatsakol
June 29, 2019
Better than any breeder you know

Thinking about getting a pet? Let me tell you about the best places to get a furry companion for you and your family in Thailand. No, it's not a high-end breeder with a celebrity clientele. These places are much more deserving of hype, saving lives as they fill up the void in yours for a furbaby to love:  

1/6For Cats Or Dogs: Pick A Pet 4 Home

Photos: Courtesy of
Photos: Courtesy of

Located on Sukhumvit 51, Pick A Pet 4 Home is a loving shelter for stray dogs and cats in Bangkok. Often taking in animals that have been abandoned by people or at risk of harm, their mission is to give these deserving animals a second chance in life. 

Visit and, or email

2/6For Cats: Paws Bangkok

Founded in 2012 by people who used to work for an animal welfare group in Bangkok known as Soi Cats and Dogs (SCAD), Paws is one of the most active shelters in the city for stray and abandoned cats. Working tirelessly to provide spay and neutering services, vaccinations and other veterinary care to cats that need them, Paws is currently fostering a tonne of cute and healthy cats that are ready to be loved and adopted. 

Visit or email

3/6For Cats & Dogs: Soi Dog Foundation

Probably the most well-known animal shelter in Thailand, Soi Dog Foundation actually cares for dogs and cats. Their incredible work for often abused, left-for-dead animals speaks for itself, attracting cat/dog mums and dads from all over the world. That said, there are still so many cute cats and pups at Soi Dog that need a forever home. 

*Soi Dog is based in Phuket but rescues animals in Bangkok and other provinces as well. 

Visit or email 

4/6For Dogs: Happy Dogs Koh Chang (Outside Bangkok)

Koh Chang is an ideal long weekend getaway if you live in Bangkok, and just another reason to visit is to find your best friend at Happy Dogs Koh Chang. The shelter is run by a German expat Martina Moeller and Dr Tookta Wipavee, the island's only vet. 

Visit or email

5/6For Dogs: The Man That Rescues Dogs (Outside Bangkok)

Photo: Courtesy of
Photo: Courtesy of

The name of the foundation, The Man That Rescues Dogs, as you can guess, began as a one-man operation. Michael J Baines is a Swedish entrepreneur who initially moved to Thailand to open a restaurant in Chonburi. He soon became aware of the lack of animal welfare in the community and shifted his focus to rescuing local dogs. Beginning with 80 dogs in 2011, today the foundation looks after some 500. Not far from Bangkok, TMTRD is located at Bangsaen, Chonburi.

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6/6For Cats & Dogs: Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary (Outside Bangkok)

Located on the Western edge of Kanchanaburi, this animal sanctuary is a refuge for lost, injured or abandoned cats and dogs in the region that are in need of medical attention and other types of care. Baan Unrak, which also encompasses a children's home, was founded by volunteer teacher Gemma Ashford. Their doors are always open to volunteers, donations and, of course, looking cat/dog mums and dads.

Visit or email

If you don't have the space for a pet, shelters are always in need of donation as they provide care to their animals awaiting a forever home. 


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