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Wealth Make Your Money Go Further With Thanachart’s Ultra Savings Account

Make Your Money Go Further With Thanachart’s Ultra Savings Account

Make Your Money Go Further With Thanachart’s Ultra Savings Account
By Thailand Tatler
October 11, 2018
The flexibility of savings account and the high interest rate of fixed deposits

A key aspect of success is good financial planning: a big-picture road map to how your savings are going to look down the line. When it comes to financial planning, however, there are a lot of factors to consider. Typically, people prioritise comparing return, but remember as well that higher profit opportunities tend to come with higher risks.

In the face of a volatile financial market, consumers should keep in mind to choose well among the various options. There may be an adage out there that claims savings isn't the best option due to low returns. However, banks have become a lot more innovative in their products to better serve the need of consumers in both short and long term scenarios. 

Among these banks is Thanachart Bank, presenting the Ultra Savings Account. Boasting the highest interest rate and monthly interest payments, the Ultra Savings Account is an innovative product that combines the flexibility of the savings account with the high interest rate offered by fixed deposits. In short, it's an ideal option for the generation of smart consumers who are savvier with their money. 

The Ultra Savings Account is suitable for consumers who want new opportunities to increase their assets, serving the changing lifestyle of those who want to save without sacrificing liquidity in times of need.

Account owners can withdraw cash  and still receive interest payments, deposited directly into the account on the tenth of every month. Not only that, account owners can make two withdrawals of any value in the same month without any additional cost. In cases where emergency funds are needed, withdrawals can be made from an ATM at any time, meaning account owners can make their routine transactions while still earning daily interest paid every month. 

To open an account with these terms, simply visit any of the 500+ Thanachart Bank branches across the country. For more information contact the Thanachart Call Center at 1770 or visit thanachartbank.


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