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Homes TELA Thonglor Designs For Exceptional Living

TELA Thonglor Designs For Exceptional Living

TELA Thonglor Designs For Exceptional Living
By Mary Losmithgul
February 09, 2018
Reach for the skies at Gaysorn Property’s latest luxe residence


master bedroom 01_re.jpgGaysorn Property is making ripples again in the luxury residence scene with the new TELA Thonglor. Having earned a good rep for top-notch urban homes and excellent customer service from projects such as the Domus 16 and Mode Sukhumvit 61, the upmarket property developer continues to wow its market of affluent clientele by giving all units in TELA a glass balcony, creating an awe-inducing floating illusion on the façade from an outsider’s perspective. This stunning visual effect inspired the design of the condo’s highly-coveted Sky Villas—3 Plus 1 Duplexes, with only two available, making them the most exclusive penthouses within the property.

Ideal for those in search of quality, optimum comfort and refined ambience, TELA boasts miniature overflow pools, a Sky Garden and spacious airy units with huge floor to ceiling windows. Its Sky Villas, however, go beyond luxury to ensure the best living experience and deluxe hominess.

Occupying one of the Sky Villas is the prestigious Franger family; Bernhard Franger—former industrial company VP/co-owner and current investment entrepreneur— his wife Messiya and darling daughter Tyra. 

Having lived in Germany and China before, the Frangers decided to invest in a second Bangkok home in 2012.  After experiencing multiple world-class urban residences, they decided that TELA is among the best. We met with the family in their picture-perfect home for a chat on their luxury living experience. Here’s what they said about the property:


Duplex Upper Floor_re.jpg

On location:

“It’s a big decision choosing where you want to live the rest of your life with your loved ones. We decided to live in Thonglor because it is one of downtown Bangkok’s most vibrant areas. We wanted to be where we could enjoy the happenings in the neighbourhood but also be close to the business centre. I work from home so it was important to combine the exclusivity of the residence with the convenience of the location. TELA is the perfect solution in every regard.”


On service:

“TELA is certainly world-class, not just in terms of design but also in terms of personality. What distinguishes TELA from other offerings on the market is the hospitality of the people. I spent time looking up Gaysorn Property before I came to visit the project. They certainly have a great vision and I am very excited to see it become a reality. The executives at Gaysorn are very hospitable and made us feel really welcome. At 210 million baht this is not about speculation. We don’t plan to sell to anyone. This is the place we want to be.”


On lifestyle:

“You only have one life but lifestyle is like a closet that you can pick and choose from. It is a series of choices that reflect your values. We have found a home that provides us with an exclusive standard of living and staff members who know how to care for us personally. This choice is about much more than beautiful design and a convenient location—it is also about a unique level of hospitality for which there is simply no match.”

 Proving that it is possible to have exquisitely timeless architecture and everlasting exuberance while still maintaining a sense of homey comfort, TELA redefines just what a real home should be. With a focus on creating the best living experience, Gaysorn Property sets a new standard in designing for luxurious living exclusively for their residences.

If you are looking to own your own one-of-a-kind home, the Tela Thonglor Sales Gallery is available by appointment.  Call 0-2612-5959 and visit


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