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Homes TELA Thonglor, A Condominium For The Ages For Montira and Fasai Temboonkiat

TELA Thonglor, A Condominium For The Ages For Montira and Fasai Temboonkiat

TELA Thonglor, A Condominium For The Ages For Montira and Fasai Temboonkiat
By Thailand Tatler
August 23, 2019
Purchasing a home goes beyond the simple need for living space or as a vehicle for investment. Thailand Tatler meets a mother-daughter duo to learn why they chose TELA Thonglor as a place to plant their family roots

For mother and daughter Montira and Fasai Temboonkiat, TELA Thonglor is much more than a place to live—it is at the heart of their family history and a home to pass on to future generations. “Our family has a strong connection with this area. I grew up in the neighbourhood so it is a special place full of good memories. The back sois were my playground. So when our family eventually decided to develop our land, we chose to sell to Gaysorn Property because we trusted them to create a new sanctuary for family living in the heart of the area we love. When the project went on the market, we saw the low density living design and the privacy on offer and immediately bought a few units so that we could maintain our presence in Thonglor,” explains Montira. “In terms of value, property prices here have grow significantly in recent years and there are fewer prime spots left to be developed,” adds Fasai. 

Montira and Fasai Temboonkiat
Montira and Fasai Temboonkiat

“There is everything you can ever want in the area,” Montira continues. “For instance, I love to cook for the family—eating together is an important family tradition—so having a Villa supermarket within walking distance is ideal. Another strong point of a TELA home is the kitchen, which is at the centre of the household. The TELA Legacy Suites have both Western and Asian kitchens, both of which are well planned and fitted.”

Her comment makes daughter Fasai smile. “My mother is famous for her turkeys at Christmas, so it is not just about having the right kitchen, it is also about having the right ovens,” she laughs. “Turkeys are difficult to cook because you need to have a big oven that reaches the right temperatures. Here we have a Bertazzoni and even I’m keen to try it. Those ovens are designed to be safe for children; that there are no sharp edges to hurt them just goes to show how much thought has gone into the homes. TELA is really designed for the family. Residences have lots of ‘we’ and ‘me’ spaces. Living rooms are big and comfortable so the family can spend time together rather than being cooped up in individual rooms. What I really like is the way the balcony is an extension of the living room. It is perfect for family get-togethers and small parties.”

Dining room
Dining room

Montira also appreciates the extensive balcony adding, “For me, it is special because it provides the ideal spot for a small garden. I thought that living in a condominium would mean losing my garden but the balcony is not only wide, it also runs the entire length of the unit, leaving lots of room for flowers and herbs.” The ‘we’ spaces are not only confined to the residence but extends to the lifestyle amenities. “We have different routines but here we can actually work out together. There is a fitness facility and an open space for yoga at the cabana at the swimming pool,” Montira explains. 

The pair is very excited about moving in. “The building is beautiful and I like how the double glazed insulated glass keeps out all the noise, despite this being a thriving busy district. In addition, I love looking out at the views downtown—the building is oriented in such a way that we get wide vistas of the city rather than the building next door. I know we are both going to be very happy here,” concluded Fasai. 

Watch Montira and Fasai Temboonkiat speak about why they chose TELA Thonglor below: 


Discover more about TELA Thonglor by visiting or calling 0-2612-5959 or 06-1215-0999 for a private viewing.


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