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Toys Tatler Thailand Staff Christmas Wishlist 2020

Tatler Thailand Staff Christmas Wishlist 2020

Tatler Thailand Staff Christmas Wishlist 2020
By Tatler Thailand
December 16, 2020
Putting this out 19 days ahead of Christmas for our friends and families' convenience

1/14 Tesla Tequila

I have to admit that I'm not much of tequila drinker (even though I'm Mexican), but I wouldn't mind receiving a bottle of Tesla's 100 per cent tequila añejo this Christmas as a congratulation on making it through the year. Sold out and offered at double the original price on eBay, it's the thought that counts.  

– Mari Carmen Dávila, social media manager and digital strategist

2/14 Santa Cruz Heckler E-Mountain Bike

Having been such a good boy this year, for Christmas I would like Santa to bring me this Santa Cruz Heckler e-mountain bike. Eco-friendly with a 504w battery and Shimano motor, it is good looking but rugged, reliable but refined and a snip at US$7,000 (210,000 baht) off the peg. Doubtless, it will become the second most expensive piece of garage sculpture I own after last year's ill-advised set of golf clubs.     

– Matthew Wilde, features editor

3/14 Canon 7 Rangefinder Film Camera

Photo: Courtesy of Japan Camera Hunter
Photo: Courtesy of Japan Camera Hunter

I'm planning on working on my film photography game in 2021, so for Christmas, I'd really like a vintage Canon 7 Rangefinder. A technological marvel of its time, this is one of the first rangefinder cameras to be compatible with lenses across brands due to its M39 screw mount, making it a really smart film camera to have. 

– Darius Chirasanta, assistant videographer

4/14 Cooke S4 Prime Lens

Photo: Courtesy of Cooke
Photo: Courtesy of Cooke

Dear Santa, I've been incredibly good this year (I mean, have you seen all my videos on Tatler Thailand?) I think I'm more than deserving of a camera lens high on my list. This award-winning cinema lens by Cooke offers that beautiful film look but at unreal sharpness.  

– Nopparut Charoenwattana, videographer

5/14 Sphynx Kitten

Dear Santa, I have been extra hard-working this year (ever since I started interning at Tatler Thailand), and as a Christmas present I would love to have my alter-ego manifested into a furless friend to share my life with. In other words, bring me a Sphynx kitty! A rescued one, please. I know they're scary to some, but they are so lovely once you get to know them. Many thanks in advance, Santa! 

– Shada Vijitkasemkij, editorial intern and not a crazy cat lady

6/14 'I Would Leave Me If I Could' by Halsey (And A Pet Shiba)


Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like both editions of I Would Leave Me If I Could, Halsey's first-ever collection of poetry, which explores feminism, sexuality and mental illness. As a massive Halsey fan, this book would mean the world to me because it’s her favourite thing she’s ever made, insanely personal to her and was years in the making!

Also, if you have time, I've always wanted a loyal and affectionate Shiba Inu. 

– Chananya de Ruiter, lifestyle writer

7/14 Custom Detachable Roller Skates

Photo: Courtesy of Flaneurz
Photo: Courtesy of Flaneurz

Dear Santa, every time I'm at a spacious shopping centre like Central Embassy—which is frequently—I always wish I had my roller skates with me to zoom from one end to the next, especially if I've running late to an event—which is frequently. The problem is roller skates though is they're kinda heavy and take up a lot of space. It would be great if there were some way I could just snap on some wheels to the bottom of my regular shoes... I'm just going to leave this website here for no reason:

– Mika Apichatsakol, digital editor 

8/14 The World's Most Expensive Handbag (220 Million Baht)

Photo: Courtesy of Boarini Milanesi
Photo: Courtesy of Boarini Milanesi

Now before you get me wrong, Santa, I'm asking for this 220 million baht handbag not for my own vanity but to raise awareness for the need to protect our seas. Thirty million baht from the purchase of this Boarini Milanesi bag goes directly to efforts to clean our oceans, which are being even more threatened by non-biodegradable plastics following the COVID-19 pandemic and a lifestyle of convenience. See, I got all your attention just there!

– Naphalai Areesorn, editor-in-chief

9/14 Glamping Trip To Mount Kailash

It's been a very turbulent year to say the least, so as a year-end gift I would very much appreciate a glamping trip to Mount Kailash where I can meditate and connect with higher vibrations until reality calls me back.

– Pichaya Petrachaianan, lifestyle writer

10/14 PS5

Photo: Courtesy of Sony
Photo: Courtesy of Sony

I might not have a lot of time to play video games after work, but perhaps I should start following the saying: work hard, play harder.

– Natchapol Meelarbsuk, digital community manager

11/14 Invisibility Cloak

I'm still waiting for an acceptance letter to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but in the meantime, an Invisibility Cloak would be cool. That way I can travel the world incognito and unseen. 

– Prijayanat Kalampasut, senior lifestyle writer

12/14 The Trails Of Dr Frankenstein

I'm not much of a material man, so for Christmas I'm asking for the chance to follow the trails of Dr Frankenstein with an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe, beginning in Switzerland. A scene I want to relive myself is when Victor Frankenstein takes a solitary journey up the Swiss Alps to bask in its picturesque glory, dangers of nature and all. But no monsters, please.

– Phunnattha Manutham, lifestyle writer

13/14 Garden Glory Terracotta Lion Plant Pots

Photo: Courtesy of Garden Glory
Photo: Courtesy of Garden Glory

Lockdown this year gave me a lot of time to take up gardening seriously and once you've become a plant mum, there's no going back. For Christmas, I would love some Terracotta Lion plant pots from Garden Glory, a niche luxury gardening appliance and accessories retailer.

– Alisa Mekmanee, deputy editor 

14/14 18k Rose Gold Apple Watch

Photo: Courtesy of Apple
Photo: Courtesy of Apple

I really want to step up my game in 2021. New year, new me and a new rose gold Apple Watch. Thanks, Santa. 

– Kittipat Sooksee, graphic designer

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