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Toys Can A Little Bit Of 'Swag' Help Solve Our Country's Big Pollution Problem?

Can A Little Bit Of 'Swag' Help Solve Our Country's Big Pollution Problem?

Can A Little Bit Of 'Swag' Help Solve Our Country's Big Pollution Problem?
Swag EV Type X
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
February 07, 2020
Swag EV from Singapore launches in Thailand with two models: Type X and Type S

The panic over PM2.5 has left us all wondering who will rise from the smog with real solutions. Enter a strong contender: Swag EV. 

Launched recently in Thailand last month, Swag EV, or Supreme Wagon Automotive Group Electric Vehicle, is a producer of eco-friendly motorcycles with stylish, modern design. Swag EV motorbikes are powered with removable batteries that can be plugged into any electric socket, making them a highly adoptable product. It only takes between two to three hours to fully charge a Swag EV motorbike, at which point it will be ready to cover a distance of up to 90 kilometres. 

Type X

Two models of the EV are available in Bangkok now, Type S, which retails at 62,900 baht, and Type X, which goes for 65,900 baht—about 10,000 to 20,000 baht more expensive than new Honda Scoopy i bikes, a popular scooter in Thailand. In both Swag EV models, the 2000W brushless hub-motors are developed by Bosch, a trusted name in the German automotive industry. The electric bikes' detachable 60-volt 26 AH battery is also made by Samsung, another global leader in technology. 

Type S
Type S

Swag EV comes to us from a country known as being Southeast Asia's cleanest and most sustainable, Singapore, and the story is pretty much the same as any brand of electric motorcycles in the world: an answer to smarter and cleaner means of personal mobility that can be embraced by a population large enough to make a difference. 

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We are not just a motorcycle manufacturer as our main focus lie on cutting edge IoT technologies and creative branding collaboration with designers and celebrities. We strongly believe that the EV industry is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia, and we wish to position ourselves as one of the most important players. 

Janson Chen, Executive Director of Swag EV

"The Land Of A Hundred Million Scooters"

According to Pew Research Centre, Thailand has the highest motorbike use in the world, with nearly 90 per cent of households owning at least one motorbike. Our country has up to 20 million registered motorbikes and possibly a million more unregistered. Bank of Ayutthaya also estimates that two million new bikes are sold in Thailand annually. Motorbikes are, of course, a cost-efficient and effective way for the populace to get around the jammed roads of sprawling cities like Bangkok. However, with nearly no accessible alternative to petrol-powered bikes until now, motorcycles have remained a huge and only growing contributor to air pollution. And while cars are still the biggest culpits of carbon dioxide emission and PM2.5 on our roads, EVs are a less viable solution in the car sector because of the limited number of people who will be able to afford them.     

With Swag and future electric scooters of the like, we should hope to follow the progression of countries like Taiwan, which have mainstream use of electric motorbikes in place. Gogoro, Taiwan's version of Swag EV, launched its first Smartscooter in 2015. By the end of the same year, Gogoro's share in Taiwan's electric scooter market surpassed 90 per cent and five per cent in scooters overall. In Taipei, you can now find a charging station for your Gogoro bike at almost every kilometre and since their launch, Gogoros have saved the same amount of CO2 that 11 million trees and counting consume yearly. 

You can find the Type S and Type X models at Swag EV's Bangkok showroom, centrally located at Siam on the second floor of Siam Square One.

Swag EV will launch a third model, the Mini, soon. For more information, visit

Swag Type X Masterstroke Edition


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