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Homes Bring The Fantasy Into Your Home With Sretsis Tableware

Bring The Fantasy Into Your Home With Sretsis Tableware

Bring The Fantasy Into Your Home With Sretsis Tableware
By Chananya De Ruiter
December 29, 2020
Dress your dining room in Sretsis this holiday season

With a pop-up store on Level 2 of Central Embassy, Sretsis Table presents a new home decor collection viewable from now until January 10, 2021. The collection features a series of items you might find in a fairytale, enabling you to add that whimsical touch of Sretsis fantasy to your home. Here are five categories of decorations to consider. 

1/5 Enamelware

Sretsis Table Enamelware includes 10-inch lion and unicorn dinner plates, 8-inch rose and daisy dessert plates and the iconic Tamed Lovers Mug, depicting the mighty Lion and Unicorn couple, a signature motif of the brand. The enamelware are highly durable and versatile, suiting both fine dining settings or a picnic in the garden. The Tamed Lovers Pinto—Thailand’s answer to the picnic basket—is also beautiful, fun and functional all at once. 

2/5 Glassware

Sretsis glassware includes two sizes of glasses, sold in pairs. The 300ml Tamed Lovers Drinking Glass and Lion Rose Drinking Glass feature charming daisy and rose motifs.

3/5 Linen

Enhance your table with the Tamed Lovers print, a linen-cotton blend. The tablecloth comes in two sizes and two colours: 250x143cm and 52x38cm with options of Black Beauty and Peach Romance. Get the Daisy Rose Placemat (52x38cm) and Lily Unicorn and Lion Rose Napkins (30x30cm) for a total look. 

4/5 Ceramic

The Lady of the Flowers Vase was created with ceramic studio Yannakarn, reimagining one of the studio's classic vase with an exclusive Sretsis signature pink lilac and daisy pattern.

5/5 Decorative Items

The Figurine Candle Holders take Sretsis Parlour’s collectible figurines and turns them into the perfect candle holder for special occasions. The Amanita Toadstool, a handcrafted Christmas ornament, will also add fantasy to your table and home. 


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