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Wellness 4 Apps That Will Help You Stop Smoking

4 Apps That Will Help You Stop Smoking

4 Apps That Will Help You Stop Smoking
English actress Prunella Scales smokes a cigarette during a theatrical performance in the UK in 1970 (Photo: Courtesy of Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
October 29, 2019
Kiss goodbye to cigarettes

Are you trying to quit smoking? we know that sometimes it isn't as easy as we think but there are many powerful reasons why you should stop doing so -your health. Living in this technological era has its pros and cons as well as plenty of options that will help you reach your wellness goals. We've compiled a list of apps that will certainly help you to leave cigarettes behind. Get ready, they'll change your life. 

1/4 Quit Now

In addition to tracking the number of days and hours you've gone without smoking a cigarette, Quit Now encourages you through an achievement system that can be shared with a community that shares your objective. If a user is struggling to avoid smoking, he or she can log onto a chat and talk with others in the same boat. The app also helps you monitor your health and will let you know how much money you’ve been saving by not buying cigarettes.

2/4 Smoking Time Machine

Photo: Courtesy of Smoking Time Machine
Photo: Courtesy of Smoking Time Machine

Have you ever wondered the impact cigarettes have on your skin? With Smoking Time Machine you will be able to take a look at the effects of smoking in 10 or 20 years' time. Wrinkles, sagging jowls and a grey pallor to your skin in the future will help deter you from picking up a cig today.

3/4 Quit Genius

This app focuses on mental power, and their method is based on helping you create a consciousness of how many cigarettes you consume and most importantly what the drivers of your smoking are. Quit Genius creates a personalised quitting plan that will help you take the leap and stay smoke-free.

4/4 Kwit

Looking for a fun way to quit smoking? Kwit has developed a playful and original approach, with no nicotine substitute, to guide you towards a smoke-free life. Designed like a game, the app helps you overcome withdrawal symptoms through different strategies. For example, if you feel a strong urge to smoke, you can only shake your phone for a motivational message from someone or a useful tip.

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