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Arts CultureStaff Story: Best Lessons From Dad

Staff Story: Best Lessons From Dad

Staff Story: Best Lessons From Dad
By Thailand Tatler
December 05, 2018
In celebration of Thai Father’s Day, Thailand Tatler’s digital and editorial staff muse on the best advice our fathers have given us—which we all realised was much harder than it sounded...

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Alisa Mekmanee, Deputy Editor

 Simply, "do your best." 

Matt Wilde, Features Editor

Many years ago, just before I was packed off to boarding school overseas, my father told me a joke of sorts: "Two guys were on the African plains filming a pride of lions at a distance. After a while the lions took notice of the men and started to come closer and closer. The men became anxious and one of them started taking off his boots. Seeing this, his pal said 'It's no use doing'll never out-run a lion.' To which the now bootless guy said, 'I know...just as long as I out-run you!'"
My old man was trying to teach me a survival lesson ahead of life away at school...think ahead, be prepared and look after no. 1.

Prijayanat Kalampasut, Lifestyle Writer

My dad taught me to how to defend myself—mentally and physically.

Nicharee Phatitit, Lifestyle Writer

Always do what is right. If your wealth comes from dishonest means—there's nothing respectable in that. 

Mika Apichatsakol, Digital Editor/Head Of Digital

Through example my dad taught me to work hard in all aspects of my life—work, home and passions—and to listen to good music while I'm at it.

Patraporn Peekawitsanuporn, Digital Content & Strategy Manager

“Just be yourself and make sure everything you do makes you happy.”

Kittipat Sooksee, Graphic Designer

My dad taught me to face my problems rather than avoid them. “If you stay with them long enough,” he said, “you will succeed. Don’t give up easily.”

Pichaya Petrachaianan, Digital Writer

 My father always tells me to go after my passions, something he didn't have the chance to do when he was my age.

Mari Carmen Dávila, Digital Intern

There are so many, but the one I always remember is “fight for your dreams, and keep moving towards your goals. Never lose sight of who you want to be and when success comes, be sure to always stay humble, kind and grateful to the ones that helped you reach that goal.”

Giovanna Lopez, Digital Intern

My grandfather was like a dad to me, and he taught me that as long as we have family, no matter the labels of mum or dad, we have everything we need.

Nopparut Charoenwattana, Videographer

Through actions rather than words, my father taught me that politeness and modesty are virtues one should have. 

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