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Travel Staff Story: 2019 Bucket List Destinations

Staff Story: 2019 Bucket List Destinations

Staff Story: 2019 Bucket List Destinations
By Thailand Tatler
January 24, 2019
Thailand Tatler's digital team shares their vacation plans

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New year, new places to explore on this planet. From locations in Central America to Europe and Asia, members of Thailand Tatler's digital team share destinations that are on the top of their bucket list for 2019.

Mexico City, Mexico


Mika Apichatsakol, digital editor: My problem with travel is that I keep going back to my favourite places in the world. Mexico, however, is on the top of my list for new travel destinations and I have chosen Mexico City as the landing site because a very reliable source tells me that is it a great mix of cosmopolitan, urban culture and ancient heritage. I would also coincide my travels with the Day of The Dead (Día de Muertos) to be able to see the city in full celebration mode and, of course, partake.

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Northern Norway


Nopparut Charoenwattana, videographer: Norway's a place I don't want to miss in my lifetime, namely for the midnight sun. If I time my trip right in the summer, I may be able to see the sun for 24 hours in the Arctic regions of Norway. As I always think to myself that there aren't enough hours in a day, I wonder how the other side lives.

Hunza, Pakistan


Mari Carmen Daliva, social media:  Hunza, Pakistan is considered to have one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world, as well as a rich history. Besides taking the Karakoram Highway to see the sunrise at the Rakaposhi mountain, there's the legendary "Hunza water" (reputed for life-lengthening benefits) to try. As for accomodations, there's already a luxurious tent with my name on it at the Hunza Serena Inn, overlooking the Nagar valley and Rakaposhi and Diran mountains. 

Kailash Mountain Range, Tibet


Pichaya Petrachaianan, writer: I’ve always wanted to go to the Kailash mountain range. As a mountain lover and occasional misanthrope, I want to experience the scenic and spiritual charm of this sacred locale. Who knows, I might decide to leave society behind and live as a yogi in these mysterious mountains for the rest of my life!

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, China

glass bridge.jpg

Anna Thong, writer: My bucket list destination for 2019 would have to be the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge in China. Situated in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the bridge stands at 900 feet and is surrounded by breathtaking natural wonders. I’ve always considered myself to be terrified of heights, yet on many occasions find myself being lured into the thrill of obscure elevation. There’s something oddly soothing about being that high. 

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