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Arts Culture Staff Picks: 4 Podcasts To Listen In March 2020

Staff Picks: 4 Podcasts To Listen In March 2020

Staff Picks: 4 Podcasts To Listen In March 2020
By Thailand Tatler
March 07, 2020
March is long and commutes in Bangkok are also long

Podcasts are a convenient way to pass the hours stuck on the roads in Bangkok or to help you forget that you are on an extremely uncomfortable, cramped BTS. Where you're looking for new entertainment or useful and relevant information to make the most out of your commutes, here are Thailand Tatler's digital team's podcast recommendations for this month. Try them all!

1/4 Television & Comedy: Office Ladies

A podcast for Office geeks 

If you're a fan of the US version of The Office, this is the "ultimate Office re-watch podcast" hosted by Angela Kingsey and Jenna Fisher, actresses who played the characters of Angela Martin and Pam Beesley on the iconic show and who are also BFFs in real life. Each week, Angela and Jenna basically fan-girl about their own show, providing juicy and hilarious tidbits on each episode, whether it's what went down behind the scenes, what was scripted, what wasn't scripted, costume evolutions of characters and even the moments when cast members break during the scenes. They breakdown the episode by the seconds and occasionally have other cast and crew members of The Office on the podcast as guests. Eighteen episodes in so far, they have a good 183 more to go to cover all nine seasons of The Office, and you know one of these days they'll have to have Steve Carrell, AKA Michael Scott, on the show. It. Has. To. Happen. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts

– Submitted by Mika Apichatsakol, digital editor and head of digital

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2/4 Tech & Marketing: Drink With James

How to not just survive but thrive in the digital marketing world

If you are remotely interested in digital marketing, this podcast will help you grasp the latest trends, terminology and even the algorithm updates of all the main social media platforms out there. Drink With James is a weekly podcast hosted by Fohr CEO and influencer marketing maven James Nord. The podcast also interviews different influencers from fashion to tech industries, as well as share tips on getting better engagement on your platforms plus the do’s and don’t’s. FYI about Fohr: Fohr is a platform that allows you to run influencer marketing campaigns, find influencers, verify analytics and even sort out if an account's followers are fake. It's basically the go-to platform for nailing influencer marketing campaigns. 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts

– Submitted by Mari Carmen Dávila, social media manager and digital strategist

3/4 Feminism & Pop Culture: Shameless

A podcast for smart women (or men) who love dumb stuff

Is it okay for Influencers to promote "health" products? Is it okay for doctors to become influencers? Why do we love talking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? Why does the media like to make a villain out of women like Miley Cyrus? What happens when bloggers renounce the lifestyle that made them famous, and is Em Rata a real feminist? What started as a podcast that seemed to discuss mostly The Bachelor Australia from week to week has evolved to something much more. Hosted by 20-something Melbourne journalists Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, Shameless gathers the biggest celebrity news weekly, reading them in and out and in between the lines. Andrews and McDonald also produce an additional in-conversation episode once a week, typically interviewing Aussie Influencers, activists or entrepreneurs, but they've also once had Erin Brockovich on as a guest, so you never know who's going to be on next! 

Spotify | Apple Podcasts

– Submitted by Mika Apichatsakol, digital editor and head of digital

4/4 Health & Wellness: Heavenly Qi

Tap back into the primordial energies of Yin and Yang

Opening you to the parallel universe of alternative medicine and eastern philosophy, Heavenly Qi is a podcast that reaches out to respected practitioners of classical Chinese medicines to discuss the complex facets of the human body and soul, unheard of in today’s society. The industrialisation of modern healthcare has deprived us of the spiritual medicines we need and we know it. With the holistic approach to medicine on the rise, Heavenly Qi, hosted by Dr Clare Pyers and Dr Phiona Gitsham, exposes you to the wondrous world of Chinese medicine, opening your mind to solutions you may have been long looking for. 

Apple Podcast |

– Submitted by Pichaya Petrachaianan, writer

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