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Arts Culture Siam Sinfonietta Takes To The States

Siam Sinfonietta Takes To The States

Siam Sinfonietta Takes To The States
By Mary Losmithgul
March 17, 2018
Young Thai classical talents tour the United States as the Smithsonian unveils documents on the late Rama IX’s music

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Siam Sinfonietta Press Conference

The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej was an avid musician and artist, and as such, music has long played a great role in the lives of Thai people. Through beautifully moving musical compositions and performances, the beloved late King was able to connect with and spark joy amongst Thai citizens throughout his long and enduring reign.

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As the local music scene continues to thrive and as Thai musicians of all ages and styles gain increasing recognition both at home and abroad, the talented youths of Siam Sinfonietta are getting ready to play at Carnegie Hall in the Big Apple for the third time this April as part of the New York International Music Festival.

Siam Sinfonietta is a scholarship orchestra that aims to provide local prodigies with the great opportunities to perform professionally, regardless of background or income. In order to ensure that all 70 musicians and orchestral staff can have a smooth tour of the States in April, Opera Siam is holding a series of fundraising events, such as a recent Star Wars-themed concert on March 15. Find out how you can still support them here.

Setting this trip apart from the rest is another invitation to play at Washington D.C. by the Smithsonian Institution. Following the discovery of some never-before-seen historical documents related to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s music in the US Library of Congress, the Siam Philharmonic Orchestra, Siam Sinfonietta, Jazziam Ensemble and  a few special guests from around the world are coming together under '48 Forever Project’ to pay passionate musical tribute to the late King Rama IX’s beloved melodies.

Visit the official Opera Siam website for more information on upcoming events, or visit the 48 Forever Project website for more details on Opera Siam’s project on the late King’s music.  


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