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Toys Shopping Guide: Another Story Gets Naughty This May-June

Shopping Guide: Another Story Gets Naughty This May-June

Shopping Guide: Another Story Gets Naughty This May-June
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
May 15, 2018
What to get from Another Story's juicy new collection


As creatives, we love Another Story multi-label concept store for many reasons, and they've just given us another one with their latest retail concept, "Get Naughty". Launched last week, the new theme turns Another Story into an outlet of cheeky designer stationery, fashion, homeware and other lifestyle goodies. Here are a few of the highlights not to miss out on from the new curation, and don't forget the power of mixing and matching for the ultimate personal collection of perversion. 

Another Story T-Shirts

get naughty.jpg

Simple but saucy, Another Story's "Get Naughty" themed T-shirts are an easy, breezy way to dress with flavour. Just pair them with your favourite jeans, heels and lipstick, and you're good to go. There are a total of six designs, each for only 690 baht. What are you (and your girl squad) waiting for?

The Cindy Project

dont tell me how to dress.jpg

Another T-shirt available at Another Story right now that is worthy of wearing loudly and proudly is Thai supermodel Cindy Bishop's famous comeback: #DontTellMeHowToDress. In case you don't remember, this viral campaign was a response to an ill-informed warning to women right before Songkran this year (and every year really) to prevent sexual harrassment. Um... how about we just let women wear what they want and tell men to keep their hands to themselves? 

Naughty Books For Your Coffee Table

naughty coffeetable.jpg

Got a guy coming over to your place and wanna discreetly clue him into your juicy intentions?  How about just place a few innuendos in front of him on your coffee table. This month, Another Story specially curates sexy photography books from your favourite publishers, Taschen and Phaidon, to help spice things up in the living room.  

Plush PJs And Slippers

brainwashed theory.jpg

What naughtier than wearing your PJs in public? You can do so tastefully with the special blue satin and red piping pyjama set from Brainwashed Theory—a trending look in the hiso private party scene. Complete the look with a pair of Capulette suede slippers. 

Love Stories Intimates

love stories intimate.jpg

While fitted bustiers and push-up bras are some people's idea of sexy lingerie, this Dutch intimate-wear brand advocates for a comfortable and natural-form kind of sexy. Find Love Stories' ultra cute and soft bralettes and panties that are sure to make both you and your partner happy. 

Germaine des Pres

Germaine des Pres.jpg

Love Stories isn't the only one who thinks lingerie should be as comfortable as they are sexy. Germaine des Pres' vintage-inspired lingerie are such a tease with how comfy they look! Nab a Germaine des Pres babydoll night dress and vintage-styled cotton panty in your favourite colours now at Another Story.

La Nouvelle

la nouvelle.jpg

When it comes to lingerie, the French clearly know best. Another French lingerie brand worth checking out at Another Story this month is La Nouvelle. Their intimates and swimwear—hardly distinguishable from each other anyway—are beautifully crafted with details that show a nuanced understanding for sensuality. 



Just like the right lingerie, great sounds can put you into a seriously sexy mood. This month at Another Story, find high quality headphones from the Swedish brand Urbanears in all new colours, from a sweet candy pink to a deep purple that reminds us of Prince. 



If you're looking for something cute and not necessarily seductive at Another Story this month, OMY's embroidered bracelets make for a unique and charming accessory to spark up your everyday look. 



"It's just a pink dot, what's the big fuss?" Created specially for Another Story's "Get Naughty" theme this month, Prempacha's pastel pink and white ceramic plates collection is a minimalist abstraction of fried eggs, so if you see otherwise, that's just you. 



For those who express sensuality with a more funky approach, Seletti's selection of lamps, plates, umbrellas and foldable chairs are fashioned with in-your-face naughty motifs, telling the world that you've got nothing to be ashamed of.  

Visit Another Story concept store on the 4th floor of The Helix building of The EmQuartier from today until June 30 to shop "Get Naughty" themed items. @another_story_bangkok #ASGetNaughty

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