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Toys Battle Of The Foldable Phone: Samsung VS Huawei

Battle Of The Foldable Phone: Samsung VS Huawei

Battle Of The Foldable Phone: Samsung VS Huawei
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
March 18, 2019
Who is going to win the competition for the best foldable phone?

IT companies are always coming us with new and exciting features to win our wallets, and one of the most prominent races this year amongst global electronic brands is race for the best foldable screen.

OLED screens have been around for some time now but just haven't been finessed for consumer release. These screens are remarkable for their ability to bend and fold with unhindered display, and big names like LG, Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung and Huawei are finally making something out of the technology for us.

Huawei Mate X
Huawei Mate X

Earlier this year, LG released its high-tech roll-up TV screen, and others are following suit. Samsung and Huawei, particularly, are two smartphone makers vying in the race for the best foldable phone. The two rivals have released the main specifications of their highly anticipated gadgets, and we sat down to compare them for you to decide which foldable smartphone to buy this summer. 

Screen Dimensions

Huawei Mate X
Huawei Mate X

Folding out like a book, the Samsung Galaxy Fold's screen expands from 4.6 inches to 7.3 when unfolded. The Mate X folds differently. Swinging from the back to front with the Falcon Wind design—axion shifted from the middle—Huawei's foldable phone offers screen dimensions of 6.6, 6.38 and 8 inches.


Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Both phones folded into their pocket sizes, Huawei's is visibly thinner at 10.8mm, compared to Samsung's 17mm. 


Promo video for Samsung Galaxy Fold

Another main difference between the two are the cameras. Samsung's Galaxy Fold has a total of six cameras, studded all around the gadget—three on the back, two on the front screen and one more on the cover screen. Although Huawei's Mate X in comparison only has three cameras, thanks to smart design, the three are more versatile than Samsung's six. When the phone is unfolded, all three of the Mate X's cams serves as the back camera. Taking selfies to another level, the very same cameras also serve as front cameras when folded.


Promo video for Huawei Mate X

Though the software of both phones are still in development, here are a few confirmed details that may sway your vote. Samsung has announced for a range of its phones the wireless power-share and charging feature as a new means of saving your phone from dying when you're out and about. On the other side, Huawei continues to boast a 55W super-charge technology that can fill 85 percent of the phone's battery in just half an hour. Both support 5G internet, but the Galaxy beats Huawei with 12GB RAM as opposed 6GB. 

So which is it going to be for you? The Galaxy Fold or the Mate X? April 26 is the launch date for the Samsung, while Huawei is expected to release their phone no later than mid-year. The Galaxy Fold will retail at US$1,980 dollars, or around 62,700 baht, while the Mate X is expected to be around 82,500 baht. 

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