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WellnessReview: A Bubbling Getaway at Yunomori Japanese Onsen & Spa

Review: A Bubbling Getaway at Yunomori Japanese Onsen & Spa

Review: A Bubbling Getaway at Yunomori Japanese Onsen & Spa
By Nioratra Benyasri
October 06, 2016

Take refuge and replenish your body and soul at a Thai-style onsen, just hours outside of Bangkok.

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On the top list of things to do in Japan is visiting one of the many hot springs across the country. The tradition of the onsen, or Japanese hot springs, is a long one and is not only treated as a luxurious relaxation, but an art form. Not everyone can afford the time to head across the pond to Japan, but fear not, just a short ride outside of Bangkok, you too, can experience the bubbling joys for a quick weekend getaway. 

After the success of its Bangkok and Singapore branches, the unique concept of Yunomori Japanese Onsen & Spa has expanded to Pattaya. The Thai inspired onsen and spa combines Thailand’s natural hot spring waters with traditional Thai massage techniques and allows guests to restore their mind, body and spirit.

Located in South Pattaya, the newly opened onsen and spa has a modern Thai-style décor, surrounded by a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. As soon as you step inside the spa, you are greeted with a refreshing roselle juice as one of the receptionists talks you through your desired treatment or programme. Each step is tailored to your liking, from pressure levels to the area you which to focus during your massage.

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Once you’ve chosen the treatment or programme, you’re given a locker key, which is used for purchasing food and beverages at the facility, with the ease of not having to carry around your wallet. Yunomori also offers more than its spa services. Worked up an appetite during your session? Order from their Food Hall, which serves nutrition-focused international and Thai menu. 

There are a total of six onsen baths at the facility. It is recommended that you start with the Soft Bubble Bath to allow time for your body to adjust before moving onto hotter baths. One of the qualities of soaking yourself in the hot springs is its medical ability to relax the muscles and loosen up the knots you’ve worked up over the week. The Ceramic Tub Bath, whose main charm is the peaceful gardens surrounding it, is a fair choice for a healthy de-stressing session. Once you’re all loosen up, hit the Cold Bath to wrap up your onsen journey as the spring water helps to refresh and tightens the pores of your skin.

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After you’re all cleaned up, complete your relaxing day with a Thai massage. The trained therapist uses traditional techniques of body rocking, rhythmic acupressure and stresses to relieve stress and stimulate circulation. An Aroma Body Massage using essential oils is also on offer for those who might find the traditional Thai way a tad too intense. The Yunomori’s signature oil extracted from Japanese Rice works wonders to replenish and hydrate the skin.

The best part? We know that treating yourself to an entire day of relaxing and soaking up minerals can be oh-so taxing. That’s why there’s a Relaxing Room where you can take breaks in between or even better, unlimited hours of sleep! Just the right way to end your little sabbatical.




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