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Homes One.Six Development: A New, Young Era Of Property Development

One.Six Development: A New, Young Era Of Property Development

One.Six Development: A New, Young Era Of Property Development
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
August 24, 2018
27-year-old Tanyatip Chearavanont and 28-year-old Chawin Athakravisunthorn are changing the property development game in Thailand


Tanyatip Chearavanont and Chawin Athakravisunthorn, founders of One.Six Development

When you envision the founders or the CEO and managing director of a luxury property development firm, you don’t instinctively think of the likes of Tanyatip Chearavanont and Chawin Athakravisunthorn. These two 20-somethings have founded a company called One.Six Development and recently made a strong public debut with the launch of their first project, The Strand luxury condominium right at Thonglor BTS station.

A press conference was held on earlier this month on August 15 at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, during which Tanyatip and Chawin gave both a contemporary and confident presentation about their brand and their first project to members of the media.


Launch of The Strand at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit 

 Both in fact Generation T listers—Tanyatip for Hong Kong Tatler’s first edition of the list and Chawin for Thailand Tatler's this year—the two co-founders are the archetype for young, driven and successful millennials with their own ideas and visions. Prior to One.Six Development, both have had substantial milestones in other or related fields.

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About The Founders Of One.Six Development

THE STRAND THONGLOR - คุณธัญทิพ เจียรวนนท์.jpg

Tanyatip Chearavanont

The granddaughter of CP Group’s Dhanin Chearavanont, Tanya was educated in the US since the age of 15, graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in architecture design and art history. She then went on to work for Ogilvy & Mather in New York and Sotheby’s before landing a job Hongkong Land, where she managed The Landmark in Hong Korn and realised her interested in real estate.

THE STRAND THONGLOR - คุณชวิน อรรถกระวีสุนทร.jpg

Chawin Athakravisunthorn

Coming from a major Thai land lord family, Chawin is an international relations graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). Prior to joining forces with Tanya, he was an investment banker at JP Morgan Thailand for more than four years and acted at CEO ML Chayotid Kridakon’s right-hand man in overseeing all aspects of the company’s investment banking business.

About The First Project: The Strand

THE STRAND THONGLOR 06_Front Facing_Low-Res.png

THE STRAND THONGLOR - Bird eye view SUK55_02_Low-Res.png

THE STRAND THONGLOR - Bird eye view roof top_Low-Res (1).png

THE STRAND THONGLOR - Thonglor_The Stand_Hero shot_SUK55.png

One.Six Development’s first project is The Strand Thonglor, worth 4.8 billion baht. Set to open in 2019, the high rising residence aims to be like none other in the sphere of Bangkok’s luxury living spaces. Targeting what the two company heads call the “new consumer”, folks much like Tanyatip and Chawin themselves, who value authenticity and recognise value on their own accords—tastemakers, if you will—The Strand is designed to go beyond luxury and comfort, to fulfilling its hip residents’ leisure needs as well. For instance, besides the usual fancy fitness centre or the now popular co-working space, The Strand will also come decked with its own speakeasy bar, all day dining and a luscious private park, among other trendsetting features.

For more information on The Strand or One.Six Development, visit or call 1265.


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