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Travel 3 Ancient Cities To Visit In Myanmar

3 Ancient Cities To Visit In Myanmar

3 Ancient Cities To Visit In Myanmar
Bagan, Myanmar
By Thurein Tun Oo
By Thurein Tun Oo
June 01, 2019
Each of them a glimpse of the country's past

If you are looking for your next destination to be full of adventure, look no further than the neighbouring country of Myanmar. Rich in natural resources and history, Myanmar's number one attraction is a combination of its culture and landmarks. Stories and tales of Myanmar's history are attached to each building, structure or temple you could possibly encounter, ensuring explorer such as yourself will never run out of treasures to hunt. But if you don't know where to start on your great Burmese trip, here are the top three ancient sites we highly recommend. 

1/3 Amarapura

Formerly known as the capital of Myanmar during the Konbaung Dynasty, Amarapura is also a place where royals once resided. Most of the royal abodes in Amarapur have been destroyed, however, leaving only a watchtower, treasury building and a bridge as the remains of the residences. U Bein is the name of the bridge and one of the national attractions of the city. With its breathtaking sunrises and crossing of the Thangthaman River, the views from U Bein, especially at sunset, are something to stay for when visiting Amarapura. 

2/3 Bagan

When you mention visiting Myanmar, people will most likely bombard you with the same suggestions of visiting Bagan, and they're not out of line. Used to be one of the greatest cities of Southeast Asia, it is uncertain why there was a mass exodus of civilization in Bagan between 13th and 14th century. Nevertheless, the majority of the city’s infrastructure remains intact until this day. With a rich history, terrific engineering, temples and pagodas, Bagan is one of the exemplars of an ancient city.

3/3 Ancient Pyu Cities

Comprised of three cities—Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra—the Ancient Pyu Cities is the first cluster of cities to be featured on UNESCO's World Heritage Sites for Myanmar. The Ancient Pyu Cities foster some of the world's oldest Buddhist temples and are a fascination for foreigners and locals alike. The Cities contain the relics of one of Myanmar's part kingdoms, which is estimated to have existed between 200BC and 900AD. Burial grounds, Buddhist stupas and water management systems—some which are still in function today—can be explored to learn about the various systems instituted by a great civilisation of the past. 

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