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Toys5 Thai Brands To Gift Millennials This Christmas

5 Thai Brands To Gift Millennials This Christmas

5 Thai Brands To Gift Millennials This Christmas
By Mari Carmen Dávila
November 27, 2018
Have a very millennial merry Christmas with these select local items


As the holidays approach, we younger folks at Thailand Tatler Digital would like to help you find the best Christmas presents for your millennial family members, colleagues and friends, because they can be the hardest group of people to buy for. Here are our top picks of gifts for young people who enjoy high quality and socially responsible products, and who are more willing than others to stray away from mainstream international brands.

Kanita Leather


Pictures: Courtesy of @imkanita / Edit: MCDZ 

Founded by Thai designer Kanita Kaniyomwakin, Kanita Leather is a geniune leather goods brand inspired by Thai heritage. The uniqueness of her products comes from pure creativity of transforming typical Thai dishes into high-end leather products such as the famous Thai banana leaf wrapped dessert.


brisuthi1.jpg Pictures: Courtesy of / Edit: MCDZ  

Flawless and well hydrated skin is a foolproof gift for someone who values self-care but is so busy (AKA a typical millennial). Brisuthi is a Thai, eco-friendly brand that focuses on producing organic skincare products that leave your skin hydrated and glowing without feeling oily. Founded by Jakapong Tongsagul, Brisuthi's most famous product is the African baobab oil deep cleanser, which promises to purify your skin in one go.



Pictures: Courtesy of @painkiller_atelier / Edit: MCDZ 

For the cool millennial guy who likes to make a statement in his everyday clothes, the brand Painkiller will unlock his ability to do so with stylish pieces that are easy to mix and match. Each design is created in the brand's own studio atelier in Bangkok, ensuring the high quality of design and execution. 



Pictures: Courtesy of @boyyboutique / Edit: MCDZ  

Founded in 2006 by designers Jesse Dorsey from Montreal and Wannasiri Kongman from Bangkok, Boyy is a staying hot topic among fashionable millennials as well as other generations. Their product line offers high quality leather shoes and bags, as well as sunglasses, scarves and hats that offer a cool masculinity that woman often crave in design.

Arty & Fern



Pictures: Courtesy of @artyandfern / Edit: MCDZ  

For those who suit the spectacles or those who need them but struggle to find ones that fit their faces, introduce them to Arty & Fern eyewear this Christmas. A brand founded by Aniknun Eiamong and Chanakan Ukosakul, Arty & Fern is reputed for creating truly customised glasses out of the finest materials. A reservation in advance is required for eyewear designing, so make sure you get an appointment in time for the holidays!   

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