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Homes Founder Of Supanniga And Somtum Der On Business, Life And Home

Founder Of Supanniga And Somtum Der On Business, Life And Home

Founder Of Supanniga And Somtum Der On Business, Life And Home
By Thailand Tatler
October 09, 2019
For Thanaruek Laoraovirodge, authenticity is what defines him and his business, as represented in his aesthetic choice of residence

Thanaruek Laoraovirodge’s story is one of success. From a makeshift stall to test out his menus for a som tum restaurant, Somtum Der has grown into an internationally recognised eatery with a fanbase both in Thailand and overseas. In 2016, the New York branch received a Michelin star and now the chain boasts outlets in Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh as well as Bangkok.

“I didn’t want to open multiple branches in Thailand,” Thanaruek explains. “I think it’s much more challenging taking the brand abroad. I want the food to remain authentic because I want people from different places to better understand our food and our culture. I want to expose Thai culture everywhere in the world through serving authentic Thai food, an idea that is strongly reflected in our philosophy of Local Thai, Global Favourite.”

He continues, “I grew up in Khon Kaen surrounded by the countryside and local traditions. Hence, the culinary culture that inspired me came directly from the northeast. As for Supanniga, the idea behind the restaurant came from my grandmother, a native of Trat province. When I was born she moved to Khon Kaen to help raise me and so I grew up with her cooking, which naturally featured dishes from Trat. So with Supanniga I don’t want to present just food from Trat but authentic home-cooked flavours that taste like my grandmother’s cooking.”

Like any successful businessman, Thanaruek is always on the move. Finding a balance between work and personal life is hard when one is always flying here and there and he admits that his interests abroad mean that he spends less time in Bangkok.

“Sometimes I take up to 15 flights a month. I suppose that’s an indication of a successful professional life but I also believe that personal success is measured by being able to live a healthy life with mindfulness, having sati or being conscious of one’s thoughts. For me, having that connection between the mind and body is very important. Having a base for living a good life is a mark of personal success. It also ties into the business, because essentially, if you are positive and you have a healthy balance of mind and body you will be able to drive your business forward.”

Which is why Thanaruek wanted to find a home where he could make the most of his precious downtime. “Nowadays, I think the definition of luxury extends beyond just material needs. Luxury is feeling secure, having a sense of place, that feeling of truly belonging somewhere. This is what made me choose ANIL Sathorn 12 for a home in Bangkok. Aside from its great location, the attention to detail that the developer put into the project shows that they really did have the needs of residents in mind. Having visited the sales gallery twice, I came to feel that they cared sincerely about providing a better living environment for residents—not just in terms of fixtures and fittings, which are excellent, but also in terms of a healthy living environment. It really impressed me and at ANIL Sathorn 12  I know I’ll be able to meditate in peace and relax in comfort,” he concludes.

ANIL Sathorn 12 gives value to the essence of living in the form of luxury that isn’t extravagant. It is also the first Gold WELL Pre-certified™ Multi-family residential project in Thailand.

To learn more about ANIL Sathorn 12, please visit or call 02-652-4000.


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