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Arts Culture Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
October 30, 2020
With 24 hours left until Halloween night, here are some costume ideas for those who've just decided to participate this year

If you've been extremely busy this month, you probably haven't given much thought to dressing up for Halloween. But with October 31 falling on a Saturday this year and the number of promising Halloween parties taking place, it is absolutely worth it to go out at celebrate the end of the month tomorrow night. To save you from missing out on the maximum level of fun to be had, here are seven highly relevant costume ideas we thought up just for those who need it. 

1/7 COVID-19

Image: Courtesy of WHO
Image: Courtesy of WHO

Aspire to be the scariest of them all? What's scarier in 2020 than the virus itself! Add some stuffing around your torso until you take the shape of a sphere. Throw on an abstract, infectious-looking print. You can even add pompoms to your body for more dimension and microscopic realism. This costume is great for people who like to party but still need their personal space as I'm some cautious folks won't want to come in contact... 

2/7 Carole Baskin/Joe Exotic


Hey all you cool cats and kittens, surely you haven't forgotten about the bizarre Carole Baskin-Joe Exotic feud over exotic cats that was publicised by Netflix earlier this year. This is a great last-minute costume choice for couples. To begin with, dust out all your leopard print from the closet. To become Carole, add a long blonde wig and the essential flower crown. For Joe, you'll need a mid-length blonde mullet, moustache, loads of piercings and cool sunglasses.

3/7 A Quarantine Queen/King

Embrace what you've become in 2020 on Halloween: a hardcore homebody. This one is easy. Take a power nap in your favourite silk pyjamas before your Halloween outing. Wake up, maybe do a little skincare and head out. Details like an eye mask will elevate your look to the slightest. Remember to be in a ready-to-zoom-call at anytime attitude, and don't forget the bedhead.

4/7 Baby Yoda

Photo: Courtesy of Asos
Photo: Courtesy of Asos

If you want to look cute and youthful for Halloween rather than ancient and rotting, may we suggest you go as 2020's favourite child star, Baby Yoda. To achieve this look, you'll need an oversized beige sweater and the rest is makeup magic. Recycle the green body paint you previously used when you dressed up as the Grinch or the witch from Wicked. Find some silicone to extend your ears off the sides of your head and into sharp pinches. Big-eye lenses are recommended to achieve Baby Yoda's deep, dark eyes. 

5/7 Emily In Paris

If there's one Netflix phenomenon that is big enough to eclipse the Tiger King this year, it's Emily in Paris. To emulate the intolerably cliche American Paris expat, grab all of your statement designer pieces from your closet and wear them together. Next, unlearn your perfect French and commit some linguistic and cultural faux pas that'll get you deported, or at least fired from your high-flying social media job in Paris. Finally, top it all off with a beret, preferably red or houndstooth. 

6/7 Cake Meme

Blood and guts makeup for Halloween? How original... It's 2020, people. If you're going to do a special FX makeup look to truly impress, why not make like you're made of cake? If you don't understand how this is 'a thing', it looks like somebody needs to read my previous treatise on the 2020 cake meme. 

7/7 A Taco

There's been a lot of talk of tacos lately, especially here on Tatler Thailand, and we're not sorry. This costume idea comes from our own insatiable appetite for Mexican cuisine. If you, too, love tacos so much, why not express it this October 31. For a truly last-minute Tatler version of a taco costume, you can pretend your beige Burberry trenchcoat with its dark brown buttons is a perfectly cooked tortilla. This outfit is all about the layering, and don't forget to be extra cheesy.  

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