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Arts Culture Female Digital Communities You Should Know

Female Digital Communities You Should Know

Female Digital Communities You Should Know
Image: Courtesy of IG account @workparty
By Mari Carmen Dávila & Julian Kim
August 20, 2019
Surround yourself with female-led digital environments that uplift and empower you to become the #girlboss you were meant to be

1/6 Working Mother

Working Mother is not just an Instagram account full of empowering quotes; it's also an online platform comprising more than 17 million mums who are devoted to their families and committed to their jobs, who have things to share, from insight on corporate management to entrepreneurship, remote work and beyond.

2/6 Makers Women

Makers Women is a feminist platform with highlighting real stories and experiences of female news-makers and even trouble-makers as inspiration. Besides following their powerful Instagram account, make sure to visit their website as you can find interviews with powerful girl bosses who are changing the rules and how our world is shaped. 

3/6 The Female Hustlers

The Female Hustlers' mission is to help you take your throne whether you're an entrepreneur, boss or a woman with a vision. Inspiring and motivating you day to day with great content, they help you rise from painful pasts and forge new paths. These "ambitious babes", as they call themselves, believe that every woman can be fearless, kind, ballsy, graceful and smart with style.

4/6 Work Party

Inspired by Jaclyn Johnsons’ book Work Party, Create & Cultivate is an online community and offline conference that brings working women together to discuss business strategies to attain their dream career. Johnson was only 24 when her life seemingly fell apart. Already reeling from being suddenly let go from a previous company, she was involved in a bitter spat with a former business partner. Committed to making the most of it, she used her past failures as fuel to launch Create & Cultivate. The platform now brings female businesswomen together to lead workshops and mentor sessions for the up and coming modern women. Jaclyn Johnson and Create & Cultivate have one simple message: if you want it, you can have it.

5/6 The Wing

Founded in 2016, The Wing is a community and co-working space that connects women from all over the world for everything: friendship, networking, mentoring, you name it. The organisation carries the symbolic torch from past working women groups to supply modern women with the necessary tools to pursue their dreams. With centres all over the world, The Wing exudes an infectious positivity about female empowerment and seems unstoppable in their pursuit of connecting women from all over the globe.

6/6 Female Collective

Candace Reels has always believed that women are strongest together, and her Instagram, Female Collective, is fulfilling that dream. Unsatisfied with the lack of female representation, the Los Angeles native seemingly came out of nowhere to create the inspiring Instagram handle. The digital platform now empowers and unifies women, whether they be feminists or environmentalists, from all over the world to spread empathy and raise awareness for the issues they think matter most. When Reels isn’t busy being a political activist and motivational curator, she’s a refreshingly bold fashionista determined to leave an impression on the world.

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