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Wellness 5 Ways To Beat The January Blues

5 Ways To Beat The January Blues

5 Ways To Beat The January Blues
By Anna Thong
January 13, 2019
It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom this Jan

Tis the season to be SAD. As the second week of 2019 draws to a close, it’s normal to suffer the dreaded, post-holiday blues. This common type of malaise is known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and can have a negative impact on your energy and mood. The festive period is over and so is all of the fun. Or so you think. Here are a few ways to shake off the blues and uplift yourself this month. 

1/5 Juicing

Don’t be discouraged, this is not a full-blown juice detox. The concept of juice cleansing is in fact highly overrated and an aggressive way to ring in the new year. Instead, gently incorporate juicing into your normal daily intake of food and drink. It’s easy to do and can provide a great vitamin boost for your needy immune system. Start with blending cold water and any of your favourite fruits with highly nutritious vegetables like spinach and beetroots. Add ginger and ice for a refreshing zing.

2/5 Practice Mediation

Suffering from January blues is mostly a mental battle. Along with certain weather changes that can affect us physically, the toll it takes on our minds is far greater. Opt to start taking time out of your hectic day to practice meditation and mindful breathing. Even just five minutes of daily practice can relieve an abundance of stress and anxiety. It offers a plethora of benefits, some of which include increasing brain focus and improving sleep.  For beginners, guided meditations are a great start.

3/5 Socialise

It’s been a busy period of lavish events and partying with loved ones and now it’s time to start behaving. But why should it stop there? Don’t go cold turkey on your social life just because it’s time to be good. A sudden and dramatic change in lifestyle can end up making us feel more alone and SAD. Socialising doesn’t always have to mean skipping to the nearest rooftop bar as soon as the office shuts. Try a Saturday morning coffee catch up instead, or an evening group exercise class after work. 

4/5 Do An Insta-Detox

The most rewarding detox of its kind—the Insta-detox. Your feed of posts this party season may have all been Insta-worthy, but have they really made you feel that good about yourself? Maybe it’s time to take a well needed Insta-hiatus from accounts that no longer serve you well. Start by axing social media accounts you are no longer interested in, but still for some reason still follow. Ask yourself, does it excite me, educate me or entertain me? If no, unfollow and make space for accounts that mean something to you. 

5/5 Don’t Be Afraid To Treat Yourself

At this time of year especially, the phrase ‘treat yourself’ can be triggering. For far too long it’s been used as an erratic way to justify being unnecessarily over-indulgent. But now that’s all come to a halt. You may vow to gym it up everyday or stop spending on non-essential items, but treating yourself in moderation is key to overcoming January blues. The festivities are a time of giving and you’ve most probably been too generous. So now it's time to give back. Remember that you still deserve a trip to the facial spa every now and then, or those shoes you knew should have been an early Christmas present to yourself. And if you’re still drooling over that slice of cake, just eat it.

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