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Wellness How Siam Piwat Is Preparing For The Shopping Malls' Re-Openings

How Siam Piwat Is Preparing For The Shopping Malls' Re-Openings

How Siam Piwat Is Preparing For The Shopping Malls' Re-Openings
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
May 16, 2020
With technologies and regulations to prevent COVID-19, Iconsiam, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery are reopening on this Sunday.

The old normal is not likely to return anytime soon but with the economy disintegrating, slowly reopening retail spaces with extra hygienic and spatial precautions doesn't sound too bad. Opening up four retail destinations this Sunday—Iconsiam, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery—the senior executive vice president of Siam Piwat, Naratipe Ruttapradit, is serious about safety. To ensure customer, tenants, employee and business alliance confidence, Siam Piwat department complexes has instated technological aids such as temperature scanning robots and UV-C disinfectant for thorough indoor and outdoor cleansing. Other health and safety measures are also ramped up for maximum protection. Here's what you should know about Siam Piwat's reopenings:

Keeping service providers safe

To ensure the health and safety of all the employees, all staff must go through check-up upon entering the establishment daily. Each individual's travel log within the past 14 days is also closely monitored, and temperature screens are conducted throughout the day. In addition to that, staff are trained to be aware of the new coronavirus and are advised to strictly maintain personal hygiene by wearing facemasks and gloves at all times. 

Keeping the retail space safe

Ensuring sanitised environments, all surfaces, including the air conditioners, are cleaned with UV-C sanitization, Disinfective Fogger Technology and Ozone purifier periodically. A special scanner robot, True5G Temi Thermal Scan AutoBot, allows immediate and precise temperatures to be notified via the Line application. Mobile sanitisation carpets are also installed in all entrances to minimise the chances of the virus entering the premise. 

Social distancing is, of course, indispensable at these times. A simple and yet effective method in preventing spread of germs and virus, the density of visitors in all areas is controlled as per the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health's guidance. Tables in all restaurants are divided with clear protection shields and seatings spaced 1.5 metres apart.  Restrooms, escalators, elevators and shuttle buses are also clearly marked to enforce distance between each person. All touchpoints are scheduled to be sanitised every half an hour. Disinfectants are applied to surfaces like handrails, buttons, bathrooms and seats 


Keeping the shoppers safe

True5G Temi Thermal Scan AutoBot
True5G Temi Thermal Scan AutoBot
Phone steriliser
Phone steriliser

In keeping responsible to ours and others' safety, shoppers are required to download a phone application in order to enter and leave the retail space. Self-protection is key and everyone is obligated to wear face masks and must not have temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celcius. In the case you do not have your mask or have to replace one, there are automatic mask selling machine by the entrances. Shoppers are now encouraged to pay cashless to avoid contamination. The malls will also provide special services and entries for the elderly and disabled to shorten their time within the facility. Reserved parking spaces near the entrance and priority checkouts are eligible also for customers with small quantity purchases. Beyond the mentioned measures, visitors are encouraged to use the hand and phone sanitisers stationed throughout the mall.


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