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ToysHonda Launches All New Forza 2018

Honda Launches All New Forza 2018

Honda Launches All New Forza 2018
By Mary Losmithgul
April 09, 2018
A prestigious new icon for those on the move

A.P. Honda Co., Ltd continues to spearhead the motorcycle industry by launching eight new models—including the Honda PCX Electric, Honda PCX Hybrid, All new Honda Goldwing, New Honda CB1000R, New Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport, Honda Monkey and Honda C125—at the Bangkok International Motorshow 2018. The brand also introduced its latest CUB House—a project that serves the needs of clients who are both bikers as well as avid collectors. Short for Culture, Unique, Bike, CUB House is a co-creation lifestyle space that provides an all-rounded brand experience encompassing atmosphere to food and drinks that is set to open now at Ekamai Soi 3.

Among the sleek and sexy additions to the Honda family was the much awaited All New Forza 2018. A blend of modern design and top-notch performance, Honda’s latest ride boasts cutting-edge tech for an unmatched riding experience.

Aesthetics-wise, the new Forza is sleek and sporty with a futuristic twist. Crafted for both style and aerodynamic efficiency, the radical design is more curved with sharp new lines, resulting in a dynamic look that maintains a feel of luxury seen on no other scooter. Paired with a campaign taglined "WHAT STOPS YOU?", the All New Forza 2018 is ideal for those with great prestige looking for a ride that uncompromisingly marries speed and  overall performance with elegance and comfort.

 From the stylish electrically adjustable Italian-imported windscreen to optimized features providing riders with all the options they need for the best possible driving experience, the big scooter has much to boast in terms of fuction. The new Forza features LED head and tail lights and an ergonomically crafted seat that'll make long rides feel like they aren't so long. Main ignition and compartment locking can be easily handled with the Smart Key. 

The big scooter's compact dimensions and a powerful engine result in greater overall performance. The All New Forza 2018 also features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)—the first time the system has been fitted to the A.T. Honda scooter. HSTC detects any difference between the front and rear wheel speeds, calculates the slip ratio and controls engine torque via the fuel injection to regain rear wheel traction. This makes the Forza one of the safest and most reliable high performance scooters around. 


At the top of its class in every dimension, the All New Forza 2018 also comes with an all new chassis and PIRELLI tyres, making it the best choice for a luxury performance big scooter. What’s stopping you? Be a part of this new lifestyle by visiting the nearest A.P. Honda Showroom for the latest innovative designs and driving experiences today, or visit




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