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Homes Home Tour: Anne-Marie Le Flanche's Bangkok Home Displays Spirited Living

Home Tour: Anne-Marie Le Flanche's Bangkok Home Displays Spirited Living

A bold eclectic entrance leaves a lasting impression
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
January 15, 2021
Expat jewellery designer Anne-Marie Le Flanchec adds otherworldly dimensions to her Bangkok home with a flair for art

Anne-Marie Le Flanchec is the founder of Adage Jewelry. Though she has been designing jewellery for a long time, the brand made here in Thailand was officially launched two years ago. Originally from Paris, she says she discovered her home-away-from-home when she moved to Thailand in 1997. Located on the 6th floor of the Supreme Classic condominium in the Nang Linchi neighbourhood, her residence is without doubt the quintessential home of someone blessed with an eye for elegant design. 

Purchased 15 years ago, the apartment’s entrance makes a bold statement with a uniquely inviting foyer boasting blue panelled walls and dark checkered tiled floors. Separating this area and the interior are magnificent double doors flanked by floor-to-ceiling glass windows and guarded by wooden Maharaja and Maharani figures that the owner picked up in Rajasthan. 

Homeowner Anne-Marie Le Flanchec

The main living space that greets visitors is furnished with a set of grey couches that frame a rectangular wooden coffee table. Faces the television, the table is home to several small decorative items, candles and hardback books. Curated around the TV are a number of artefacts and figurines, including one of Le Flanchec’s favourites—a sculpture of Phra Malai, a renowned monk said to have attained supernatural powers through his accumulated merit. “I’m so lucky to have this piece because to me, there’s a perfection in the presentation here of grace and proportion,” she says. In fact, trinkets from Le Flanchec’s travels, objet d’arts and knick-knacks of various sorts decorate many of the home’s surfaces. A number of the pieces evoke a spiritual theme. A practicing Vajrayana Buddhist, the French national’s passion for the worlds of spirituality, mysticism and wisdom is manifest throughout the 630-square-metre apartment in not only decorative items but also paintings and photography. 

A large dividing window separates the living area from Le Flanchec’s office, which is accessed via a corridor to the right. “Actually there was no separation to begin with but I soon realised it was not practical when I had guests over and I needed privacy for work calls and so on,” she says. “With the window there is still a sense of continuity though.” Spacious and clean on the eye, the home office is equipped with a large bespoke wooden table and a glass table flanked by two benches. A lover of books, expansive shelving crammed with tomes serves as the office’s backdrop. “If there is work to be done and I am at home, this is where you will find me,” the lady of the house says. “I have been in here a lot more these days, given the circumstance.” Here there is also a cosy reading nook with comfortable navy-blue seating offering the perfect spot to kick back and peruse a volume or two. 

A large framed photograph adds pops of colour to the well appointed living room 
Among the carefully curated ornaments and furniture is this traditional cabinet from China

Further down the corridor on the same side is Le Flanchec’s meditation room and the master bedroom. Kept simple but nonetheless chic with a subtle eclectic flare, the bedroom has a luxurious en-suite bathroom boasting all grey marble surfaces—the floor, walls, ceiling and counter tops. 

Open space is key to so many contemporary designs and here one has a view of the entire apartment. At the far end, the dining area features a large mother-of-pearl dining table custom-made by Le Flanchec’s friend, the renowned designer Etienne de Souza. A photo of splendid stupas in Mongolia during a simultaneous moonrise and sunset graces one wall. “I thought it would be too big but I entertain a lot of friends here and somehow I always find I need more space around it,” she laughs. To its right a second living space is elegantly decorated. Highlighting darker hues, a set of comfortable sofas are complemented by a fluffy grey rug. A collection of vibrant paintings offer an intentional burst of colour and include a psychedelic piece by Luke Brown. An image by photographer and cinematographer Alan Kozlowski of a spiritual ritual in Bhutan serves as the opposite backdrop. 

A playful blend of textures add character in the guest bedroom
This inviting living area is a favourite spot for the homeowner 
A mother of pearl dining table makes a statement
An elegant pantry and bar is perfect for welcoming guests

Off this second living area is the guest bedroom, which has wood panelled walls, a sofa and a large tray-turned-coffee table from Myanmar. A purple, white and black patterned bed cover adds to the eclectic feel of the room. Unlike the rest of the apartment, there is a certain old school rustic charm to the space. 

On this side of the apartment there is also a small pantry and bar, behind which stands a beautiful wooden cabinet by Alexander Lamont. Behind that through an impressively large pivoting door is the guest bathroom. Adjacent to the bathroom, a small corridor leads to the bedroom of Le Flanchec’s 13-year-old adopted daughter Lola and beyond to a charming kitchen with its own small living space. “Lola is very artsy too and the illustrations you see on the walls of her room are her own work,” says the proud mum. As befits a teen’s bedroom, the colours here are light and bright. 

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While she was assisted by her friend and architect Attayut Piravinich, much of the décor and functionality of the apartment is of Le Flanchec’s devising. Overall her intent was simple—for the interior to offer a sanctuary that promotes relaxation and calm. This is why the timeless hues of ivory, grey and cappuccino serve as the base palette. Having worked in interior design in her younger days she shows the ability to harmoniously blend her passions. “Everything in this apartment is a coup de foudre,” she says, using a French phrase for love at first sight or a sudden crush. There is even a calming hint of an art gallery in the way paintings and photos are spaced and lit. 

A captivating chef d’oeuvre by psychedelic artist Luke Brown
A frequent flyer, Le Flanchec is happy to spend more time in her apartment

Normally a keen traveller who indulges in yearly trips to her beloved Paris as well as Los Angeles and Bhutan among other places, the lady admits she is content to put her trips on hold for the time being. “Honestly, I am really enjoying being more at home,” she smiles. “It’s nice to have some time off from constantly hopping on a plane.” Looking ahead, acquiring a second home in Thailand is on the horizon, likely by the sea. For now, Le Flanchec is kept busy with her latest Awaken jewellery collection through which she hopes to inspire people through stories and messages of profound meaning.

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