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Arts Culture High Performance Learning Is The Harrow Bangkok Way

High Performance Learning Is The Harrow Bangkok Way

High Performance Learning Is The Harrow Bangkok Way
Harrow Bangkok head of Lower School Nicholas Prockter, headmaster Jon Standen and head of Upper School Jonny Liddell
By Thailand Tatler
February 24, 2020
With much in common with its famous affiliate in the UK, Harrow Bangkok, while keen on preserving traditions of excellence, is always looking to improve and innovate to remain at the forefront of world-class education in Thailand

The commitment to the constant evaluation of the education offered at Harrow Bangkok is articulated by headmaster Jon Standen who says, “Our ethos has always been to develop the whole student and by that I mean not only his or her academic abilities but also their worth as individuals so that they make useful leaders in the wider world."

This is why Harrow has become the first school in Thailand to adopt the High-Performance Learning programme, an enquiry-based approach to education based on the latest scientific research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology that will augment our existing curriculum. Standen adds, “As a world-class school, it is our responsibility to secure the best exam results possible—which I’m proud to say we do on a consistent basis—but we also have a duty to produce students who can think for themselves, who are intellectually and socially confident, work-place and life-ready, with a global outlook and empathy for others.”

HPL follows a framework built on the thinking and learning behaviours that the most successful learners use. Through HPL, students will see even better exam results and grow in skills, such as empathy, determination, self-belief and agility of mind. HPL, with great teaching, connected parents, and a lot of hard work from pupils, will mean virtually all students will achieve even higher. 

The world is changing rapidly, the future uncertain. Through HPL, and other school initiatives, Harrow Bangkok graduates will be better prepared to lead the way for a better future.

Visit to find out more about Harrow Bangkok’s holistic education.


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