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Travel Visit The Galápagos Islands In Luxury With This New Superyacht

Visit The Galápagos Islands In Luxury With This New Superyacht

Celebrity Cruise's Flora (photo courtesy Celebrity Cruise)
Celebrity Cruise's Flora (photo courtesy Celebrity Cruise)
By Kaitlyn McInnis
September 14, 2019
See the UNESCO World Heritage Site from the comfort of your 1,288 square foot penthouse suite

While the cruise industry rakes in upwards of $117 billion USD and 26 million customers annually, despite its financial abundance, it’s not necessarily the best travel option for the planet—especially when it comes to protected destinations like the Galápagos Islands.

Until now, many of the cruising options available in South America were old ferries or exploration vessels that were converted into cruise ships for leisure travel. Celebrity Cruise’s Flora plans to change that. The brand new, purpose-built ship has been designed with sustainability at its core and will be the region’s very first custom-built cruise ship.

“The Galápagos is on the top of everyone’s list for preservation because of tourism,” Celebrity Cruise president and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo said in a statement to Fast Company. “Tourists come here and see that this is a place that has to be preserved and ecosystem that has to be preserved.”

The boat features handfuls of eco-conscious innovations, including a water conservation program that converts seawater to freshwater, which allows the Flora to make 100 per cent of the water it uses; anchorless technology that protects the delicate seafloors; and an overall 15 per cent improved energy efficiency compared to its predecessor.

The Celebrity Flora may put sustainability top of mind, but it doesn’t skip on luxury. Every guest is greeted with a welcome bottle of champagne—and that’s just the beginning. The 50-room superyacht (including two 1,288 square-foot penthouse suites), includes individualised service provided by personal attendants, in-room infinite verandas, and indoor-outdoor room conversions—which allow guests to take in the untouched islands from the comfort of their bed.

The 100-passenger Celebrity Flora was designed specifically to sail through the Galápagos Islands and expedition options include 10-,11-, and 16-night tour itineraries.

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