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Wellness Four Seasons Resorts Thailand Go Virtual This Global Wellness Day

Four Seasons Resorts Thailand Go Virtual This Global Wellness Day

Four Seasons Resorts Thailand Go Virtual This Global Wellness Day
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
June 13, 2020
Each hotel will be broadcasting with wellness experts from all around the world on June 13

If you weren't already aware, today, June 13, is Global Wellness Day, and what better thing to do on Global Wellness Day than dedicate it to the wellbeing of your mind and body. The Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle and Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, experts in wellness and hospitality, have invited health and wellness gurus from all over the world over to their hotels for special live streams today. Join the virtual healing and mindful experiences and consult masters from the comfort of your abode. 

Below are just some of the sessions offered: 

Mindful Practice

Sudha Nair, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai's naturopath, will be leading you on a placid journey inspired by the Japanese Zen tradition of tea ceremony. For the tea meditation, you are required to have ready a pot of boiling water and a teacup with tea leaves. From heating water to savouring the decoction, the practice will bring a focus to mindfulness of all actions. 

Meanwhile at the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, you will get to connect with mother nature through a guided Forest Bathing. Jutatip Sakulpanitcharuen, the spa manager, will take you into the serene atmosphere of the bamboo jungles at the Camp to soak in nature's healing power.

Kitchen Secrets

Experience, exclusively, a Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai plant-based dish before it's officially introduced. Executive chef Liam Nealon will be demonstrating his favourite recipe—beetroot burger with hummus—a perfect plate for health freaks with a craving for junk food. 

Down by the beach, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui will be presenting a simple and healthy recipe by chef de cuisine Ivo Benidio. He will show you how to make a meal using the fresh catch of the day while the director of restaurants Jon Curiel will share his favourite health shot he calls the TPC Aloe.


Visiting Masters

Beyond the in-house experts mentioned above, visiting healing experts from around the world will also be joining the online broadcasts. Over the years, the Four Seasons has of course forged strong connections with various specialists who makes scheduled visits year-round to offer guests an immersive wellbeing experience. One of them is Reiki practitioner Shaylini Somani, who will guide you through some breathwork and meditation for everyday stresses. 

For those interested in Kundalini Yoga, meditation and healing specialists Paramjot Singh Khalsa and Evelyn Wörz will teach you how to combat stress, anxiety and fear. Through a virtual Khundalini meditation and yoga session, you will hopefully be able to find the lightness and joy of life.  

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In a 60-minute workshop with a holistic health practitioner Carol Kandell, participants will discuss the reasons why people complain and how to lovingly counteract the same. Her method utilises Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to show how negative words not only affect our relationships but also the cells within our own bodies. 

For more sessions, please consult the schedule below (times are listed in GMT+7):

Golden Triangle
9am – Forest Bathing with Jutatip Sakulpanitcharuen, Spa Manager

Chiang Mai
6am – Tea Meditation with Sudha Nair
1pm – Boost the immune system with the plant-based cooking by Liam Nealon
4pm – Mediation and Distance Healing session by Shaylini Somani
6pm – Kundalini Yoga and Meditation by Paramjot and Evelyn

Koh Samui
10am – Flavour of Samui (creating homemade scrub) by Rattanapron Morkmeung
11am – Health Shot by Jon Curiel
1pm – Cooking with Fresh Catch by Ivo Benidio
3pm – Mindfulness of Speech by Carol Kandell
5pm – ‘Pick me Up’ stretches by Sakol Chotchuang

For more information, visit

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