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Homes Make Your Home Instantly Cool With Tom Dixon Lighting Designs

Make Your Home Instantly Cool With Tom Dixon Lighting Designs

By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
November 28, 2018
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Lighting is an element of interior design that can make or break your living space, and choosing the right lamp for your dwelling can be a difficult and indecisive task. That's why when we find a brand like Tom Dixon, we can't help but to bring it to your attend. A self-taught industrial designer, Tom Dixon has a royal order under his belt for his designs, which are easily recognised by fans of modern, minimalist decors. While championing simplicity, however, there is something intrinsically charming and alluring about the pieces that buyers will recognise immediately when they see it. 


If you're missing that perfect lighting piece in your home right now, here are six highlighted Tom Dixon pieces, of which at least one might be the right one for you. 

Beat Lights

td_beatlight_group---copy+.jpgInspired by northern Indian brassware, Beat Lights possess hidden details within its seemingly smooth sculptural silhouette. Covered in a bold dark matte hue on the outside, the interior exposes golden light amplified by a constrastingly reflective material. 


Bell+.jpgReductionism is the keyword for the Bell collection. A simple bell shaped cover pressed from steel is plated on the exterior with a reflective colour to make a statement.  When put in its place, the lamp is a warped mirror of its surroundings, blending with the room but not to the point of disappearing completely.    



Fade is a series of teardrop shaped pendant lights made from polycarbonate glass, which gives it 10 times more impact resistance.The metallic colour of each lamp fades away towards the bottom rim, rendering the luxurious warm spotlight effect. The gradiated lamp is charming both alone and in clusters.

Copper Shade

copper shade+.jpg

Copper Shade brings vacuum metallisation technology used with sunglasses and astronautical helmets to your lighting fixtures. The cut-off balloon shape of each lamp offers an interesting modern shape, so as not to make this just another spherical copper-coloured lamp. The overall appearance is so simple yet so elegant, you simply cannot go wrong with this one.



Melt is a collection of organic shaped pendant orbs that glow with unique wonder. Embracing asymmetrical aesthetics, blown glass spheres are warped to achieve a surreal optical effect that makes it seem as if your lamp is melting. Semi-opaque vacuum metallisation coating allows for the right amount of light out to give your room a dream-like atmosphere.



Cut plays a kaleidoscopic illusion achieved once again through vacuum metallisation technology. Diamantine facets of the lamp further create an effect of endless reflection, a captivating sensation for many.

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