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Arts Culture Emirates Unveils Its Pavilion For Expo 2020 In Dubai

Emirates Unveils Its Pavilion For Expo 2020 In Dubai

Emirates Unveils Its Pavilion For Expo 2020 In Dubai
By Relaxnews
May 06, 2019
On April 29, Emirates, the official partner of the next World Expo, which will take place in the United Arab Emirates, revealed the design of its pavilion, which represents the wings of an aircraft at the point of takeoff.

The airline has begun construction of its World Expo 2020 pavilion, which will invite guests to reflect on the themes of mobility, opportunities and sustainability. Over 56,000 visitors per month are expected to visit the building, which is composed of 56 sloping wings that represent the movement of an airplane on the runway.

Emirates promises a unique visitor experience, with workshops around the development of commercial aviation on offer. Inside, over 800 meters of LEDs will create light displays and invite visitors to interact with demonstrations such as the design of future cabins. They will also be able to test a biometric system which uses eye recognition, as well as a brain scanner and vocal biometry. A fun workshop will invite aeronautics aficionados to configure their own futuristic airplane by choosing various technologies, as well as the wings, fuselage and engine.

The Emirates pavilion will also entertain visitors with over 200 culinary experiences, including food trucks and gastronomic menus.

Equipped with solar panels and a combination of technologies that allow light to penetrate the building to reduce energy consumption, the Emirate showpiece at the World Expo will be spread over three floors, with an auditorium on the second floor and a garden.

No less than 25 million visitors are expected during the World Expo in Dubai in 2020.

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