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Toys Editor's Picks: Fenty Beauty, Books, Games And A New Netflix Documentary

Editor's Picks: Fenty Beauty, Books, Games And A New Netflix Documentary

Editor's Picks: Fenty Beauty, Books, Games And A New Netflix Documentary
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
May 28, 2019
Thailand Tatler's digital editor, Mika Apichatsakol, shares her weekly picks of items that will make your life extraordinary

1/4 Colourful House Party Games


Last week, Another Story concept store at The EmQuartier unveiled their latest theme, rainbow, in celebration of upcoming Pride Month. So if you visit Another Story now, prepare to get hit in the face by colour (only figuratively). As Another Story is one of the best places to shop curated items for the home, rather than clothing and accessories my pick from them this colourful season are Ridley's Games by Wild & Wolf UK lifestyle brand. Compact and with cute graphic design, Ridley's Games pack all sorts of challenges, from film and music trivia to wordplay and strategy games, making for some great offline fun with your smarter and more creative friends. 

Available at Another Story at the 4th floor of The EmQuartier Helix building.  

2/4 Rihanna's Glowing Skin

Fenty Body Lava in "Trophy Wife"
Fenty Body Lava in "Trophy Wife"
Rihanna wearing Fenty Body Lava
Rihanna wearing Fenty Body Lava

This past weekend, I went to join in the fun of the opening of Sephora at Central Plaza Ladprao. A trip to Sephora always a good time to catch up with the beauty market, and as usual the things that tickled my fancy were made of glitter and gold. Fenty, in particular, pulled me in like a moth with their mesmerisingly shimmery bottle of Body Lava body luminiser. Now I know the secret to Rihanna's beautiful skin or at least a small part of it. Smear drops of this wherever the sun kisses you and shine like a god you will. The golden hue of "Trophy Wife" is without a doubt the one for my complexion, but there are also "Brown Sugar" and "Who Needs Clothes?" for those of a sexy darker shade or pink undertones, respectively. 

Find Fenty Beauty at Sephora

3/4 Bangkok Street Art 101

Bangkok's Street Art scene is vibrant and unavoidable, and it just keeps on growing. If you're a novice when it comes to identifying art on the streets of Bangkok and wish to take your appreciation for these innovative and inspiring artists to the next level, I have just the textbook for you—and it's full of pictures. Bangkok Street Art, a French and English bilingual book by French curator Alisa Phommahaxay, published by Critères Editions, is written from a place of love and respect for these Thai artists and their work. The book definitively features the biggest names in the scene, from Alex Face to the late Mamafaka, and everyone in between. It's a treat even for those who are well-versed in the scene.  

You can find the book at Kinokuniya Singapore or at

4/4 The Real Orange Is The New Black: Jailbirds


A recommendation that won't cost you anything except your time and a Netflix subscription, Jailbirds is a must-watch non-fiction new release on the popular streaming platform. If you love Orange Is The New Black, you'll love this; and if you were disappointed with Orange Is The New Black—as I ultimately became—Jailbirds is the look into the lives of incarcerated women that you've been waiting for. I've included a specific trailer of one of my favourite aspects within the show: Toilet Talk. Just watch. 

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