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Toys Editor's Picks: YSL's New Foolproof Skincare Line, Stylish Qipao And More!

Editor's Picks: YSL's New Foolproof Skincare Line, Stylish Qipao And More!

Editor's Picks: YSL's New Foolproof Skincare Line, Stylish Qipao And More!
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
January 17, 2020
Thailand Tatler's digital editor shares her weekly picks of items that will make your life extraordinary

1/4 Apply: YSl Pure Shots


As time ticks on and pollution in this country only seems to be getting worse, skincare has got to be on the minds of even your most low maintenance friends. I myself have become more serious and diverse with skincare over the past year, which is how I stumbled upon YSL's new Pure Shots range of serums and cream. Think of Pure Shots like Charlie's Angels' arsenal of gadgets for different kinds of trouble—skin troubles, that is. Within the range are serums for firming, brightening, anti-ageing, night-time rebooting and more. They're all very straightforward, designed for busy people who don't need any more fuss in their lives. So if you're a bit far-removed from the whole 20-step celebrity beauty routine, this is quite a friendly set to start with. That said, even skincare veterans will love this. 

Available at YSL Beauty

2/4 Wear: Brian Khoo Lunar 2020

Photos: Courtesy of Brian Khoo

I love a good qipao for Chinese New Year season, but this year I was looking for a modern twist and I found it in Malaysian label Brian Khoo. Brian Khoo's Lunar 2020 collection is full of stunning, colour-popping interpretations of traditional Chinese wear. The designer's selection of colour and choice of details, such as the placement of the buttons, have me coveting the entire collection. 

See more at Brian Khoo

3/4 Read: Launderama By Joshua Blackburn

Photos: Courtesy of Hoxton Mini Press

I never knew how much I needed a book about London's Launderettes until I saw Launderama by Joshua Blackburn. A small photography book that fits easily into my purse, I've thoroughly enjoyed going through photo after photo of all these quaint coin-laundry establishments in London. Who knew launderettes could have so much personality? (Joshua Blackburn, I guess.) The book also includes a map and index charting all the launderettes he documented, so you can follow in his footsteps and have one big launderette pilgrimage the next time you're in London. 

Launderama can be purchased online at Hoxton Mini Press

4/4 Smell: Gucci Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori

Last but not least, my first perfume recommendation of the year is Gucci's Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori. As the name sounds, this is a very floral fragrance, which is not my usual cup of tea, but it reminds me of classy women from another era who take their time putting themselves together, and that's an aspirational image I can get behind for myself. The packaging and bottle design of the perfume is also such an instant classic. 

Available at Gucci

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