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Toys Editor's Picks: Rainbow Dresses, Mermaid Jewellery And More

Editor's Picks: Rainbow Dresses, Mermaid Jewellery And More

Editor's Picks: Rainbow Dresses, Mermaid Jewellery And More
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
August 13, 2019
Thailand Tatler's digital editor, Mika Apichatsakol, shares her weekly picks of items that will make your life extraordinary

1/4 Poem Autumn-Winter 2019


Pride month may be over but in the world of fashion, rainbow is still very in. Leading Thai womenswear and couture brand Poem proves this with their latest autumn-winter runway show. In Poem fashion, the outfits coming down the runway started off with subtler colour combinations, escalating to a finale of pastel unicorn fantasy. This is clothing for the life of the party. 

Stay tuned on and at Poem stores nationwide this fall. 

2/4 Mr Leight Eyewear

Griffith AL

Californian eyewear brand Mr Leight recently launched in Thailand with limited designs, and they're really all we need for eyewear this season. Reflecting Japanese technology and craftsmanship and an all-round cool sense of style, this maker of specs has quickly become a hit amongst eyewear enthusiasts globally. My personal favourite is the Griffith AL, the premium version of the Griffith, containing anti-reflective and UV-protection multi-coated CR39 lenses—because why not have the best of function and form?

Find Mr Leight at Eyesmyth, Lido Connect; Sunglass Mania, Siam Square Soi 9; Niche Nation, Central Embassy; and Siam Eyewear.

3/4 Misis' Acqua Jewellery

Deep Reef

Italian jewellery brand Misis recently collaborated with the St Regis Bangkok to unveil an aquatic-themed afternoon tea set fit for mermaids. This was a lowkey way for the brand to introduce their Acqua collection of jewellery that I wished I had known about sooner. Forget plain pearl necklaces; Misis crafts a mixture of precious materials into motifs like coral, starfish, sea anemone and other signs of marine life. And with such a variety of forms, you can wear the sea on your neck, ears, fingers, wrists and possibly more if you're creative enough.


4/4 Qwerkywriter S Keyboard

I've been following this product since it was a Kickstarter project, and now those of us living in a digital world with great nostalgia for an analogue one can have the best of both. Qwekywriter is the best of the typewriter styled bluetooth keyboards out there in terms of looks and, most importantly, performance. I love the retro chromed keycaps. The aluminium body is also coated with a super scratch-resistant paint to ensure it stays mint for as long as possible. Committing to the aesthetics, there's a lever on the top lefthand side that defaults as the "enter" key but is also programmable to your preferred functions. This is the perfect gift for those who love to compose, such as your favourite Thailand Tatler digital editor. 

Available at

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