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Toys Editor's Picks: The Must-Have Items Of The Month

Editor's Picks: The Must-Have Items Of The Month

Editor's Picks: The Must-Have Items Of The Month
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
April 02, 2020
In-depth and honest reviews of four items we absolutely loved as of late

1/4 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


A fact: this is the most visually appealing smartphone in the market right now. Do not attempt to argue this point because I've been carrying the Mirror Purple Samsung Galaxy Z Flip around for almost a month and just about everyone who's caught a glimpse of it feels the need to spark a conversation with me and ask to touch the phone—thank god for social distancing nowadays! My favourite part about the phone's build is the fact that you can have a large-screen phone—6.7 inches to be precise—at half the size. The fold is truly impressive and a bigger deal-maker than I originally pinned it to be. The very action of flipping the phone like in the 'old days' makes calls, photo-taking and general phone use that much more fun.

Folding the phone has its technical benefits as well. It's a natural screen protector for one. You can also easily take selfies with the high-quality back camera with the Z Flip. A small one-inch touch screen embedded seamlessly into the back acts as a viewfinder when the phone is closed. This small screen also displays the time, messages, notifications and caller ID.

Not Samsung's first try at foldable phones, the Z Flip is much, much smarter in design than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and performs just as you'd expect a top-level smartphone to perform but with an extremely attractive and rather practical gimmick. If you're thinking of getting the phone, a word to the wise: Mirror Purple should be your only option. 

Learn more at

2/4 Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan

Dyson Pure Cool purifying tower fan in White/Silver
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Although PM2.5 levels have lowered since coronavirus precautions have taken place, without transportation and industrial reform, Bangkok's not going to be exempt from the particulate problem once it's business-as-usual. What will help ensure that your home is a safe haven from pollution is the powerful Dyson Pure Cool air purifier. The Pure Cool line has few products, ranging from the smaller Pure Cool Me, which is more suitable for smaller, personal spaces, but for your duplex penthouse, seek the 41.5-inch Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan.

Delivering over 77 gallons of airflow per second, there's no living room in the city too big for this baby. The high-tech air purifier comes with smart integrations that read the room very acutely. When someone lights a cigarette in the next room, you'll see the PM2.5 metre rise accordingly. So just imagine the reports you will get on your smartphone—via the Dyson Link app—during rush hour when PM2.5 is at its peak. Leave the Pure Cool on for just a few minutes and watch it quell the poor air quality (and your stress). You can also control and programme the purifier remotely using the app. 

Screencaps from Dyson Link app
Screencaps from Dyson Link app

At the end of the day, the effectiveness all comes down to the device's filters. When you unbox the air purifier, you will see the two components of the filter system: an activated carbon filter and a glass HEPA filter. These work to not just capture PM2.5 but PM0.3 and toxic gases as well. 

The Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan comes in several colourways these days. Pick yours at

3/4 La Prairie's White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire

The best thing about working from home these days has got to be the ability to do it all simultaneously with a levelled up skincare routine. Because apart from video-on Zoom conferences, who's to say you can't write emails and make calls with a full-on self-care situation happening on your face? One of the items I've been rolling with at home lately is La Prairie's White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire. If you're like me and have prominent dark circle or bags under your eye, this is the intensive stuff to invest in and save you from invasive measures.

The White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is a decadent eye cream that contains active ingredients of shea butter, glycerin, golden caviar, ginseng and licorice root extracts and lumidose, an ingredient which helps inhibit melanin production in the area you least love it. The golden caviar, of course, is a La Prairie signature component for collagen production and elasticity. Together, the milky eye cream works to brighten and tighten that sensitive area of your face, but the application is just as crucial as the ingredients. The Eye Extraordinaire comes with an extraordinarily "extra" little roller to aid your lymphatic eye massage. Watch the video tutorial to learn the proper techniques because a good massage can see effects instantly. Happy dabbing and rolling. 

More luxury skincare at

4/4 Pondering Picasso Scented Candle


Room scent is just as important to setting the right mood for working at home as tidying up, and who knew that the creativity of Rom Design's Rom Sangkavatana extended to scented candles? Freshly launched, Pondering Picasso captures the unique imagination of the Spanish artist in one mysteriously alluring candle.

Picasso's Cubist style pre-1910 was influenced by African tribalism. Representing that fascinating dark period in this tribute fragrance is a burst of fresh bergamot and cardamom citrusy notes with liquorice anise. Let the scent sink in, and you'll experience everything from African red rooibos tea and Kenyan freesia to roses and sweet honey, right under your nose. Of course, with anything that Rom does, packing and presentation must be impeccable and signature of Rom Design's (and Picasso's) knack for less-is-more. A simple sketch of Picasso's pipe and white words on a black background tie this whole package of practicality and pleasure together. 

Available on


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