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HomesStory Time With Diptyque's Winter 2018 Scents—Légende du Nord

Story Time With Diptyque's Winter 2018 Scents—Légende du Nord

Story Time With Diptyque's Winter 2018 Scents—Légende du Nord
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
December 17, 2018
Discover the Parisian fragrance house's Légende du Nord story and scent-rich candles

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For this magical season of Christmas, Diptyque is bringing mystery and excitement back with the wondrous Légende du Nord scented candle collection. With the help of illustrator Pierre Marie and storytellerAhmed Terbaoui, the French house is able to bring to life the collective and indivdual stories of each of the scents in the collection. Watch the video below about three travellers coming together on the longest night of the year to uncover the mystery of the North, or la Légende du Nord.

Find your Légende du Nord candle below:

Exquisite Almond Scented Candle

Visuel Amande Exquise+.jpg

The Story: The story of the Exquisite Almond begins in the southern mountains of this fictional land. A girl, lost in the terrain, is hungry and bewildered as she comes across a great bear. Sensing her fear, the bear reassures her that it eats nothing but the rocks in its cave, which turns into tasty almonds at the sound of a magical bell. Realising she has met the legendary Gluttonous Spirit of the South, the girl joins the bear for a feast and is never hungry again. 

The Scent: Expect a delicious bitter almond aroma with a tinge of heilotrope and tonka bean.

Amber Balm Scented Candle

Visuel Baume d'Ambre+.jpg

The Story: The story of Amber Balm starts with a sailor who has set sail on a quest to find his lover a gift.  On his way, the ocean churns violently beneath him, causing him to lose his way into a thick mist. Worried for his lift, the sailor prays and as he does, a drop of his tears falls into the water, magically dissipating the turbulence and mist. Accompanied by the warm scent of amber wood, a mermaid appears before him, apologising for the storm, which was caused by her dancing underneath the ocean. The water spirit gifts the man pearls to give to his love.

Scent: Expect the rich scent of benzoin and lavender with a soft hint of sweetness from vanilla bean.

Pine Tree Of Light Scented Candle

Visuel Sapin de LumiŠre+.jpg

The Story: A wood-cutter harvesting wood in a pine forest stops for a quick nap, only to find himself engulfed in darkness upon waking up. Suddenly, the surrounding trees begin to illuminate, and the wood-cutter, out of fright, makes for a run. The glow catches up with him, however, revealing itself as a magical deer. Identifying the wood-cutter as yet another lost soul in the supernatural woods, The Luminous Spirit of the forest guides him to safety.

The Scent: Expect the striking and crisp whiff of cool ceder with clean and highly refreshing notes of  Siberian fir and Canadian fir balsam. (Available as both scented candles and interior scent. )

For more information, visit, or find buy your candles today at boutiques at Siam Paragon,  The EmQuartier and Duty Free Phuket.

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