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Wellness Unlocking Creativity Through Hypnosis With David Bailey

Unlocking Creativity Through Hypnosis With David Bailey

Unlocking Creativity Through Hypnosis With David Bailey
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
December 04, 2019
Specialising in hypnotherapy, Bailey will be hosting a workshop at Woof Pack in the new year for those who want to tap into their intuition and unlock creativity

Hypnotism has always been a topic shrouded with mysticism and controversies. What has escaped most people about hypnosis or hypnotherapy though is that it has been used in healing and unlocking our hidden potential since ancient times.

Specialising in the science today is David Bailey, who will be hosting a workshop to boost people's creativity and intuition on January 18 and 19, 2020 at Woof Pack. Thailand Tatler meets the man ahead of the new year to shed some light on the much-confused topic. 

So what in fact is hypnotism?

There are many explanations, but the one that I think is most relevant and that I like the best is it’s to focus attention on one thing at the exclusion of others. Where that is relevant to therapy is that when we are stuck in a problem, we're in a very fixed mindset and are unable to see the bigger picture related to it. With hypnosis, we change that state of mind so that we're relating ideas differently to be able to see a different picture.

What are the most common misconceptions about hypnotism?

A lot of misconceptions around hypnotism is that it is mind-control, that you force people to do things against their will. But that’s not what I do. For me, it’s a cooperative experience. The person I work with is an active participant. They need to have things that they want to change and have a goal that they want to work towards. I am there to empower them and not to make them change.

An earlier pre-workshop David hosted for Thai media
An earlier pre-workshop David hosted for Thai media

But is it possible to control people using hypnotism? 

Under certain conditions, it would be possible. But it's just how human beings interact. It's called the influence of persuasion. We're all open to influence and persuasion, otherwise, advertising wouldn't work. It's also how we learn. So yes, under certain conditions that would be possible, but not in the way you see in films where somebody robs a bank under hypnotism. 

Now speaking of hypnotherapy, how is hypnotism used to heal people? 

I’ve worked with people with depression, anxiety, confidence issues, phobias—all kinds of things. They might have a job where they have to present in public but they are nervous, or it could be that they are in a relationship that isn't good for them, or they are starting a new business and they are anxious. I work with them to make them become the person they need to be to meet certain challenges.

Who can use hypnotherapy?

Everybody. If you are a human being, you can probably benefit from it.

What are the limitations of hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative experience. It requires the other person to be honest, open and brave. If someone is not willing to make that commitment, it can be challenging. 

Are there dangers to hypnotherapy?

Not in my experience. I wouldn't recommend you seeing a hypnotist with no ethics or one that you don't trust. You never get to experience reality as it as, only as it occurs to you as you are thinking. That means that the perception of reality can be changed. When we do hypnosis together, we are just using that natural phenomenon to come up with a more useful reality to help you. So if you are working with someone you can trust, I don't see that it's a dangerous thing.   

What will you be doing on January 18 and 19?

I’m going to be hosting a workshop of self-hypnosis for creativity and intuition to help people think more creatively and get in touch with their intuition. Most people are out of touch with their intuition. You may be in a bad relationship or a job that you don't like. You know deep down that this is the wrong relationship or the wrong job, but you are not listening to yourself because you don't trust yourself. I will be teaching a process whereby you follow simple steps to get into a state of mind where you can listen to your intuition more clearly. There will also be steps to help you think more creatively. It is really hard to create real things if you can't even imagine them. We’ll be training those at an unconscious, deep level.

Why's it important to trust yourself and your intuition?

Trust is so fundamentally important because if you can't trust yourself, how can you expect anybody to trust you? Relationships, friendships, partnerships are all dependant on trust. I believe we all have deep wisdom within us. We all have something within us that controls our breathing, heart rate, immune system and all the wonderful ideas that we have, but we often ignore it. Many times when you're stuck in an unhealthy relationship or in the wrong job, you're not listening to that deeper, quieter intuitive wisdom. Through hypnosis, we learn to quiet the mind and listen to that quiet voice, to listen more to the body, more to the subconscious and allow ourselves access to that deep wisdom. Hypnosis is that access point to learning intuition and trust in yourself.

Visit to learn more about David Bailey or email to join his upcoming workshop at Woof Pack on January 18 or 19, 2020.

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