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Toys What You Need To Know About BMW's Plug-In Hybrids And Battery Electric Vehicles

What You Need To Know About BMW's Plug-In Hybrids And Battery Electric Vehicles

Photo: Courtesy of BMW
Photo: Courtesy of BMW
By Jittaphisudth Kannawat
July 21, 2020
BMW is fulfilling its Power of Choice slogan in 2020 with its PHEVs and BEVs

Over the years, BMW's tri-colour stripes have emphasised the speed and dynamism of BMW cars. Now offering many types of power sources for customers, from traditional internal combustion engine to plug-in hybrids and fully electric, BMW is continuing on keeping their promise of delivering sheer driving pleasure in 2020. Maintaining "Power of Choice" motto, BMW has its mind set on meeting both the requirements of their increasingly conscious clientele and automotive regulations around the world. In light of all this, here's what you should know about BMW's plug-in hybrid cars (PHEV) and full electric vehicles (BEV). 

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

BMW's PHEV model (Photo: Courtesy of BMW)
Photo: Courtesy of BMW

A BMW PHEV combines a combustion engine, an electric motor and a high-voltage battery (HVB) that can be recharged via cable. For your short journeys of up to approximately 50 kilometres, a BMW PHEV runs on pure electric power, ideal for those who mostly commute within the city. That said, when you do want to venture outside of the metropolis or take a day trip to the beach, a PHEV can still make that trip happen with its secondary power source, combustion. BMW has a total of nine different PHEVs in its profile—enough to make choosing a BMW hybrid vehicle a fun challenge. Amongst the nine, five body types are assembled in Thailand in BMW's Rayong manufacturing plant; they include the 330e Sedan, 530e Sedan, 745Le xDrive, X3 xDrive30e and X5 xDrive45e. The X3 xDrive30e is the latest BMW PHEV, debuting at the recent 41st Bangkok International Motorshow 2020.

Battery Electric Vehicles

Photo: Courtesy of BMW
BMW iX3 (Photo: Courtesy of BMW)

Recently on July 14, BMW AG had its world premiere of the new all-electric version of the X3, or the iX3. This newest model is the brand’s first model to be produced for export at the Shenyang manufacturing facility in China and also marks the first time that the electric motor, power electronics and transmission is arranged in a central housing. This new BEV is ready to make your road trips more comfortable and sustainable with the 150kW charge battery pack, which can cover 100 kilometres with just 10 minutes of charge. Drivers can also choose to charge their BEVs at lower rates via settings on the vehicle display or the BMW Connected application on their smartphone. The BMW iX3 has truly fulfilled the brand's "Power of Choice" motto and is setting BMW off towards a future of complete electrified mobility.

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