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Arts Culture Bling Empire Season 2 Is Happening, Netflix Confirms

Bling Empire Season 2 Is Happening, Netflix Confirms

Bling Empire Season 2 Is Happening, Netflix Confirms
By Tatler Thailand
March 24, 2021
Are you ready for more crazy rich Asian drama?

After its launch back in January, the Netflix reality show following the crazy rich Asians in Los Angeles, Bling Empire became an instant hit for the drama-hungry. If you're obsessed with the show and its characters, good news: Netflix has renewed the Bling Empire for a second season. Announced on March 10 that production is ensuing, the release date is still to be disclosed. Rumour has it, though, that season two will include new faces in the cast.


"Whether you love these shows outright or just love a guilty pleasure, we're thrilled that Netflix members have embraced our docusoaps. Today we're excited to announce renewals for Selling Sunset and Bling Empire, plus two can't-miss new series from the creative talents behind those favourites," Netflix announced.

It won't be too long before questions left from the first season will be answered. Will Cherie and Jessey really get married? How long will the feud between Christine and Anna last? And are Kelly and Andrew back together? All we can do now is rewatch the episodes and stalk the cast members on their personal Instagrams for clues.  

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