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Wellness 5 Best Spas In Bangkok To Enjoy With Your Loved One

5 Best Spas In Bangkok To Enjoy With Your Loved One

5 Best Spas In Bangkok To Enjoy With Your Loved One
By Jan Peekawitsanuporn
February 16, 2018
Disconnect from the world and power up with each other in one day

Did you enjoy Valentine's Day with your special someone earlier this week? Why not keep the romantic spirit going by treating your boo to an intimate spa date this weekend? In light of the season of love, some of Bangkok's best spas are offering some lovely packages just for this month. We ran around town to try them all and here are our faves!


"Serenity of Five Elements" Programme
90 minutes for 4,200 baht

So Spa's Serenity of Five Elements programme consists of five steps, starting with two different kinds of Thai traditional "hammer" massage, or Thai Tok Sen, which calls upon two tools—a wooden hammer and a wooden wedge—to assist in the alleviation of all your stiff muscles and soreness.  The technique also works to increase ciculation and improve nerve function. A traditional oil massage, hot herbal compresses and cold rock session follows to achieve complete stress relief. 

Call 0-2624-0000 or email


"Organika Aromatic Candle Massage" Programme
 90 minutes for 3,000 baht

You'll never experience this kind of spa treatment anywhere else in the world. Organika House has debuted a special line of candles just for this program, with Jasmine (highly recommended) being one of the aromas. During the session, the candle will turn into a warm nourishment oil, which is used to calm your body and senses. Ninety minutes becomes an unforgettable deep slumber, during which all your aches and stresses are forgotten and relieved. 

Call 0-2665-1898 or email to book or inquire. 


"The Boxer Scrub & Wrap" Programme
90 minutes for 3,250 baht

Immerse yourself in a state-of-the-art lighting room for outer and inner glow at W Hotel's Away Spa. With glowing beds that change colour to suit your vibes—green for calm and peaceful, red for energetic, purple for happiness and pink for romance and sensuality—the treatment blends in a Thai oil routine for the release of tight muscles that are buried deep within and typically harder to treat. There is also a Hamman bed available for those who wish to turn back time to Greek glory.

Make bookings at  or by calling 0-2344-4160. 


"Refresh Your Love Journey" Programme
120 minutes (2 hours) for 3,500++ baht

The main ingredient of Anantara Spa's treatment is rice. So it follows that beer—an extracted version infused with a mint aroma—is a main component of its Refresh Your Love Journey programme. The treatment begins with soaking in the 37-38 Celsius minty beer bubble bath for 30 minutes to melt away tensions and worries. This is followed by a beer scrub for another half an hour and then a rice brand oil massage for 60 minutes. In no time, two hours has passed and you're left with a clear and happy mind and body. 

Contact 0-2476-0022 ext 1563 or


Detox your body, calm your mind and awaken your soul all in one session with the Anantara Siam Bangkok Spa's restorative treatment made especially for you and your equally deserving SO. The highlight of the program is a 30-minute detoxifying green tea scrub. This cream scrub offers gentle exfoliation, cleansing your skin from head to toe without harsh abrasion. The therapist will bring you to deep relaxation with a 60-minute stress release massage combined with an acupressure technique to release the tension on your back and shoulders caused by those long hours at the office.  The last step involves disappearing into the Anantara Milk bath for 30 minutes and then emerging from it with feeling a decade younger with smooth skin and a clear head. 

Call 0-2126-8866 or email to book or inquire. 

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