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Toys Audi Demonstrates Its Artificial Intelligence

Audi Demonstrates Its Artificial Intelligence

Audi Demonstrates Its Artificial Intelligence
By AFP Relax News
September 18, 2017
At the International Motor Show Germany, Audi is presenting three vehicles equipped with a new form of artificial intelligence: the new A8 and the concept cars Elaine and Aicon.

The German carmaker is intent on showcasing Audi AI, its new name for a range of innovative systems that will make vehicles increasingly autonomous, and eventually enable drivers to engage in other activities. Thanks to Audi AI, future models by the ring-logo brand will be "intelligent" and better able to adapt to their passengers than ever before. 

These innovations have been highlighted in two new concept cars. The first of these, the Audi Elaine, is an electric SUV with fully automated driving that enables it to function without a driver or passengers on board, and also to autonomously perform certain maneuvers like parking, visiting a carwash or finding a charging station.


Audi Elaine

For its part, the Audi Aicon goes even further because it has no pedals or steering wheel. This is Audi's vision of the interior and exterior design of vehicles of the future. The Aicon is also a fully electric concept with a record range of 800km without a charge.


Audi Aicon


The new Audi A8

Coming soon to dealerships, the new generation Audi A8 is billed as the first series car with the capacity to take over driving functions in certain traffic conditions (for example on an open road at a constant speed). If it encounters conditions that are not compatible with its autonomous systems, the vehicle will tell the driver to take back control with an alert that is sent several seconds in advance.

To achieve this result, the Audi A8 is equipped with radar units, ultrasonic sensors, camera systems, a high-performance processor to interpret all of this incoming data and integrated fast internet.

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