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Arts Culture4 Things You Need To Know About 137 Pillars' New "Art Rotation"

4 Things You Need To Know About 137 Pillars' New "Art Rotation"

4 Things You Need To Know About 137 Pillars' New "Art Rotation"
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
December 04, 2018
Collaborating with Farmgroup once again,137 Pillars presents a new hotel art concept to support local creativity


For all those who breathe art, the collaboration between 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok and Farmgroup is back, this time arguably bigger than the Hotal Art Fair earlier this year with the first ever Art Rotation. Here are four things you need to know about this new art endeavour.

1. Art Rotation supports local artists.


"Family" by Suwannaee Sarakana

The project aims to support local Thai artists, many of who make art out of Bangkok. By bringing these great creatives and their works into visibility in the capital, Art Rotation connects artists to an audience and buyers.

2. It's bi-monthly.


"True Friends" by Suwannaee Sarakana

The project rotates featured artists twice a month. 

3. Suwannee Sarakana is the first featured artist. 


The inaugural round of 137 Pillars' Art Rotation features award-winning Thai female artist Suwannee Sarakana. Suwannee’s collection, Blissful Dreams, captures the fleeting sentiments and happiness of sleep and familial warmth. Clinging onto the beautiful memories prior to her parents' separation when she was a teenager, the artist depicts images of children and animals sleeping, often with blissful smiles—something deprived from her younger years that she yearns for. 

4. There's a silent auction going on.


Portrait of the late King Rama IX by Suwannee Sarakana

For the first rotation, there is a silent auction for the Suwannee's painting of the late Majesty King Rama IX. Part of the revenue will be given to The Chaipattana Foundation for charity. The auction closes on December 5 while Blissful Dreams will carry on in display until January 9, 2019 before the next rotation.  

Come indulge in or purchase pieces from Suwannee's collection at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok. The exhibition is open to the public daily from 11am to 8pm at 137 Pillars' Baan Borneo Club and Louie’s Tiffin Grill. For more information, visit or call 02-079-7000.  

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