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Travel Now You Can Take A Day Trip To Antarctica On A Qantas 747

Now You Can Take A Day Trip To Antarctica On A Qantas 747

ANTARCTICA - OCTOBER 28:  A section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet with mountains is viewed from a window of a NASA Operation IceBridge airplane on October 28, 2016 in-flight over Antarctica. NASA's Operation IceBridge has been studying how polar ice has evolved over the past eight years and is currently flying a set of 12-hour research flights over West Antarctica at the start of the melt season. Researchers have used the IceBridge data to observe that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet may be in a state of irr
A section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet with mountains is viewed from an airplane (Image: Getty)
By Kaitlyn McInnis
January 21, 2020
The 12-hour round trip journey will take passengers from Australia to Antarctic and back

Ticking that one last continent off your travel bucket list has just gotten a whole lot easier. Antarctica Flights is now offering an alternative to the Antarctica cruise by way of scenic day trips by air.

Based in Australia, Antarctica Flights privately charters a Qantas 747 to take travellers on a 12-hour journey to the southernmost continent and back again. Branded as “the world’s most unique day tour,” the journey embarks from five different cities in Australia; Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, but only between November and February, when the weather conditions are best for viewing the continent below.

Approximately three hours south of Australia, passengers will begin to see the first bit of scattered ice, icebergs, and ice floes, before crossing the South Magnetic Pole into the rugged topography of mainland Antarctica.

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The goal of the pilots is to provide travellers with the best views on both sides of the airplane, while staying over the continent as long as possible (weather permitted). The flight will circle over the Antarctic Treaty for around four hours, but the specific area will shift every time depending on the maximum variety in land mass scenery, including glaciers, ice plateau and coastline, as well as the day’s weather conditions.

Passengers can choose seats in one of seven different classes, ranging from Economy Class Centre (middle seats without windows), all the way up to Ice Class, which is a full-length sleeper seat, complete with Champagne and a complimentary gift pack. Once the flight reaches Antarctica, passengers in all classes are allowed to stand up and gaze out whichever windows have the best views. All classes will also receive two meal services, snacks, and complimentary drinks from a full-service bar.


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