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Wealth Celebrity Dad Bob Kosolpisit Thinks Long-Term For His Kids With AIA Prestige

Celebrity Dad Bob Kosolpisit Thinks Long-Term For His Kids With AIA Prestige

Celebrity Dad Bob Kosolpisit Thinks Long-Term For His Kids With AIA Prestige
By Thailand Tatler
October 10, 2018
Nattee Kosolpisit—father of the famous Nong Natcha—tells us why investing with AIA insurance plans is a no brainer

Known fondly by his friends as Bob, Nattee Kosolpisit is the father of four children. Juggling his roles as an anchor on a TV news programme and the producer of his daughter’s TV programmes Natcha the Explorer and May I Help You, he is also the developer for the online tutoring website Maintaining a balance between caring for his children and planning for the future is important to Nattee.

“I am involved in education because I started off as a tutor before I got into broadcasting. Once I had firmly established my career, I realised I still had a dream to fulfill—to become a teacher. I built my own school, but I found that there were many more children who I could help. I needed to think of new ways of doing things,” says Nattee. “This is how, a website promoting children’s learning, came about.”

Nattee has always been a planner, especially when it comes to family matters. “We wanted to have children,  and we were gifted with Natcha. At first we were going to stick to one child but then our twins came along. Then we had a fourth child to make one big happy family. I want to make sure all of them grow up happy and become capable citizens. I think that’s the challenge for all responsible parents,” he says.

“Financial security means learning to divide what we earn. Now our priority is the education of our children. It is the first thing we allocate funds for. This is followed by the fun money we save for activities with our children and for travel. The third portion is the disposable income my wife and I can spend. The fourth part is what we save long-term, which is very much connected to our monthly spending. Finally, there are the funds we reserve for investment, which we apportion depending on the level of risk,” Nattee explains.

The man of the house has made investments in the form of insurance policies such as the AIA Legacy Prestige and AIA Smart Wealth Prestige plans, which offer financial legacy planning and wealth accumulation solutions that will benefit his children in the future. The key features of these policies are a premium discount for those who have a preferred rate of health and payments that are personal income tax deductible.

“For instance, I have been paying one of my policies for two years now, and in eight more years I will be taken care of until I am 80. My children won’t have to worry about me in terms of medical care. I never paid much attention to saving through insurance policies before. I used to ask my mother why she saved her money this way. Now I understand. The policies give me peace of mind, assurance that my children will receive guaranteed insurance benefits and therefore sustainable wealth into the future.”

Even without children Nattee says insurance is a good way to save. “Some families prefer not to have children but saving is still important. In old age everyone needs healthcare and protection. Insurance is an alternative way of saving that not only protects your money but also your very livelihood.”

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