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HomesA Home That Understands Life Makes For The Loveliest Of All

A Home That Understands Life Makes For The Loveliest Of All

A Home That Understands Life Makes For The Loveliest Of All
By Thailand Tatler
November 14, 2017
The real estate expert on smart utilisation of space, AP Thai, is back with a new family-centred campaign

Every moment of life is precious because in a second, these moments become memories to look back on. With this in mind, AP Thai makes it their business to ensure that the space you live in isn’t just pretty but designed to facilitate wholesome living, especially when family and loved ones are in the picture. “Functional Is Beautiful” is AP’s latest brand initiative to provide the best home that money can buy, which is a home built on the understanding that all moments in life, whether happy or sad, are beautiful and worth enshring as memories."

Here are just some of the components AP Thai are paying close attention to in creating homes that maximize your precious family moments:

A "Two In One" Kitchen Concept


The kitchen of Thai families requires special attention and considerations. All the spices, fresh ingredients and smells involved in making one of the world’s most popular cuisines necessitates a kitchen with ample ventilation, room for organisation and access to the garage—yes, for when you come home with a truckload of groceries. Other elements AP believes is important for a family kitchen are plenty of inlets for natural light, extra room for creative kitchen collaborations and the right table to make dining together a warm social occasion every time.

Extended Family Space


The model of separating spaces by specific functions and purposes is outdated. AP’s vision for a modern family home is to merge your living area, dining room and even your pantry and kitchen into one big interactive living space. One of the greatest advantages of this is shared atmosphere—technical elements, such as air and light. Another major benefit of this model is a naturally occurring invitation for members of the household to spend more time together.

A Courtyard Garden


How perfect would it be to come home from a tiring day to a beautiful area of greenery? AP stresses the importance of having a garden space in a family home. Not only is it a sight for sore eyes, a home garden is another space where the family can interact and create pleasant memories via, for instance, actively looking after a small natural habitat together.

Learn more about AP’s new design direction up close and personally at the grand opening of The City and Centro on the 18th and 19th of November, during which exclusive offers of up to 2 million baht discount on property purchases will be available.


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