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Arts Culture 7 Most Opulent Families On TV

7 Most Opulent Families On TV

The Crown Season 1
The Crown Season 1
By Dorynna Untivero
June 30, 2019
From the extravagantly dramatic Carringtons to the infinitely intriguing British royal family — we round-up our favourite affluent families as seen on television. Scroll through to read more:

1/7 Dynasty

Who doesn’t love the over-the-top drama that seems to follow the Carrington family wherever they go? With Fallon’s obsessive road to self-discovery and Blake’s ever-manipulative tactics as family patriarch, there’s a lot to love about this extravagant bunch. Lavish parties, designer clothing, and top-of-the-line sports cars make each episode exciting to watch. Just make sure to take the storyline with a grain of salt, suspend your disbelief as much as you can, and you’ll no doubt have fun binging this series!

2/7 Arrested Development

Ah, the Bluth family — perhaps, no other group on this list is more eccentric. Once millionaires, the Bluths now face the struggle of adjusting to normal, humdrum lives. A comedy that’s dark as it is dry, it’s not only incredibly entertaining, it’s commanded a loyal cult following online due to its witty banter and meme-able characters. If you love comedies like The Office or Parks & Recreation, then Arrested Development should be right up your alley!

3/7 Gossip Girl

If you’re a 2000s baby and lived and breathed Serena van der Woodsen versus Blair Waldorf, then this show was the Game of Thrones of its time. Highly-anticipated and adored by many fans, Gossip Girl opened the world of the New York Upper East Side through high-school characters who seem to have nothing better to do than shop or fly to Paris on a whim. An excellent study on opulent living, this series deserves a revisit!

4/7 Downton Abbey

Who isn’t a fan of Dame Maggie Smith as Dowager Countess? A character who doesn’t seem to fathom the idea of a ‘weekend’ (as it is reserved for the working class), Downton Abbey portrays the divide between Britain’s gentry and its workers. Although, it explores wealth and all its trappings, the series seamlessly tackles other intelligent issues as well. If you’re looking for a new series to binge, don’t skip out on this British gem!

5/7 Empire

A stark contrast to all things British, Empire delves into the equally luxurious lives of the Lyon clan. Music superstars and industry heavyweights, the Lyons combine hip-hop, streetwear, and drama in this musical TV series. With lives as intriguing as they are over-the-top, Empire makes it on our list for perhaps being the most unapologetic display of wealth and fortune on television – gold chains and platinum records in tow.

6/7 Billions

From his recent stint as the controversial Lieutenant Nicolas Brody on the drama series, Homeland, British actor Damian Lewis tries his hand at megalomania. Through the wallstreet hotshot character, Bobby Axelrod, Lewis in Billions reminds audiences about the risks and blurred lines one has to traverse in order to achieve and maintain immense wealth. A fun series to binge, Billions is intelligently written with suspenseful plot twists just around the corner.

7/7 The Crown

Following the early days of Queen Elizabeth’s life, The Crown amplifies real life events in the British royal family’s affairs. Not sparing any detail, the series makes sure that gowns, regalia, and stunning locations are as historically sound as possible. There’s a lot of creative license taken in many of the episodes’ stories, but all-in-all, it explores the ups-and-downs of royalty through great screenwriting and acting by the stellar cast.

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