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Wellness5 Workouts You Can Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

5 Workouts You Can Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

5 Workouts You Can Fit Into Your Busy Schedule
By Dorynna Untivero
August 17, 2018
Make every minute count with these following workouts

Capture.PNGThe modern world can be quite unforgiving with every minute of the day occupied with one activity or another -- not to mention the amount of time we spend on our gadgets. It's healthy to squeeze in regular exercise despite a tight schedule. When it comes to fitness, you shouldn't find time -- you have to make it. Here are some quick workouts you can definitely squeeze into your hectic day:

yoga.jpg1. YOGA

Take some time either in the morning or after work to enjoy a yoga session. Most studios have very friendly schedules -- a session lasts an hour or so. Booking classes online is an easy way to make sure you make it to your workout. There are several forms of yoga practices, from: Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, or Jivamukti -- the options are numerous. Keep trying different styles to find out what best suits your fitness goals and lifestyle. 

indoor cycling.jpgInstructors Jay Avellana and Ella Fortun | From Moved x Ride Revolution | Photo by Kryss Rubio


With several studios to choose from, indoor cycling has been enjoying quite the boom lately -- and for good reason! When you've created your online account, booking classes (and reserving your favourite bike) is easy-peasy! The great thing about this workout is that it offers a whole-body exercise. Spinning in itself is a form of cardio, but the creative routines with weights and choreography definitely make things more challenging. If you're looking for a workout that will challenge you and make you sweat in less than an hour's time, indoor cycling is the way to go!

pilates.jpg3. PILATES

If you're the type who enjoys yoga but craves for more concentrated strenghtening, Pilates will surely be an easy addition to your schedule. Here, you get to stretch, strenghten, and concentrate on spot-training. Build muscle (and internal patience) through resistance training. Bring a buddy when trying it for the first time to make sure you have a blast discovering your new workout!

running.jpg4. RUNNING

For those who have a really tight schedule, running seems to be the most economical and time-friendly; you get to choose how long you run and how far. However, running takes a lot of discipline and a good Spotify playlist! Make sure you get into the right mindset to get the most of your hour. If you're really pressed for time, a daily 30-min run will still surely put a pep in your step! 

TATLER TIP: Invest in a pedometre to track your progress!


crossfit.jpg5. CROSSFIT

To get the most of your 30-minutes, Crossfit is a great option for you. With high intensity routines that will push you to your limit, you're assured that you're raising your ceiling everytime you go. Going consistently will create muscle memory and soon enough you'll be lifting 50lbs weights with little effort!





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